What is Vizr?

VIZR is a so-called Heads-Up Display. This is placed on the dashboard of the car. Afterwards the app for Android or iOS is downloaded and connected to the HUD. The desired navigation functions can then be selected via the smartphone. The mobile phone is then placed on the Heads-Up Display.
Because VIZR is placed on the dashboard directly above the smartphone, it is no longer necessary to look to the side to look at the navigation device. The mobile phone is directly in the viewing window and therefore no longer needs to be held in the hand while driving. This maximises safety and still allows accurate and easy navigation - without having to stop.
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Why do I need this Head-Up Display?

Thanks to navigation systems, you no longer have to stop your car and search for the way to your destination on a confusing map. However, these systems also have their weaknesses. To see when you need to turn next, you have to take your eyes off the road and look sideways at your navigation system or smartphone. In the past, this has already caused serious accidents several times. The Heads-Up-Display is now supposed to solve this problem as well.
When you're on the road with your HUD, your eyes stay on the road while you watch the navigation on your phone. While you're looking at the road, you're also looking at the map in the corner of your eye. This not only makes driving safer by eliminating the need to hold your phone or look sideways at the navigation system, it also makes driving more enjoyable. You also feel safer while driving if you don't know exactly how to get to your destination.
Ultimately, the Heads-Up Display will benefit any driver who has recognised the disadvantages of navigation systems and wants to feel safer while driving.


Vizr Evaluation and recommendation

The special mounting system for the smartphone is a simple yet effective solution to bring more safety to road traffic. Comparable models are of course also available on the market. However, VIZR is characterized by some special features. The product is basically suitable for every vehicle and every type of mobile phone. In addition, you can adjust the screen at will. As a result, you have an optimal view of the map and even sunlight does not prevent you from finding your way.
The surface of the HUD is also non-slip. So the smartphone cannot slip. The glass, which is located above the actual screen after inserting the phone, is scratch-resistant and dirt-resistant. This means that the view is not obstructed in any way. It's also worth mentioning that the accompanying app is available for iOS and Android and provides all imaginable data about the current journey. So you can not only see where you are going, but also how fast you are going and what the traffic conditions on your route are at the moment.


Vizr technical facts

  • adjustable screen
  • Compatible with any mobile phone size
  • usable in any car
  • skid-proof surface
  • scratchproof screen
  • free app for iOS and Android
  • Display from: GPS, speed, traffic conditions, and much more

Vizr Test and quality characteristics

Quality characteristics for VIZR cannot be found.

Vizr Opinions and reviews

The Heads-Up Display has an enormous benefit if you consider that there are always avoidable accidents that can be traced back to a devastating view of the navigation system or mobile phone. Thanks to the HUD, this can't happen so quickly. After all, the display is always in the driver's field of vision, so there's no need to hold it in your hand. Another very positive feature is that the display can be moved. If the required setting is made before starting the journey, the hands can always remain on the steering wheel while driving and the eyes can always be directed towards the road. Incidents such as a falling mobile phone are avoided as far as possible because the surface is non-slip and the smartphone is therefore ideally held. At the same time, the screen is protected from scratches. Thus, unfavourable incident light from the sun or from other vehicles does not affect the optimal view of the screen. You always have the best view at all times.
And unlike other heads-up display models, you don't have to worry about whether or not the heads-up display is compatible with your car. After all, the HUD can be used in basically any car. The same applies to the Smartphone, which must be placed in the HUD. Here you have hardly any restrictions. The free app is available for all iOS and Android devices. Only smartphones with Windows operating system can cause problems here.
Also the opinions of other buyers are very positive. For example, one customer reports that she originally bought the product so she wouldn't have to hold the phone in her hand when she wanted to check traffic conditions or find an address. In the meantime, however, she has also taken great pleasure in using the HUD. Another customer says that her eyes do not adjust very well to the dark. Thanks to the product, she can now drive at night without fear, as the smartphone in front of her lights up like a cockpit. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Vizr?

VIZR can be ordered directly on the page specially set up for this product. It was created by the manufacturer, the GiddyUp Group. Besides the purchase option you will find a lot of information about the HUD, so that you can read up on the topic even better. Furthermore, you will learn more about what other buyers think of the product.
You can even buy the HUD several times and get a great discount. While one piece costs a little less than 40 Euros, you only pay 25 Euros per piece if you buy three pieces. This means you get a Heads-Up-Display for free. If you buy five of the heads up displays, you get two for free and pay only three.
Afterwards you can complete your order by entering your personal data and paying via PayPal. There are no shipping costs here.
VIZR buyers also have the exclusive opportunity to purchase FIXD, an advanced auto diagnostic tool at a special price. The discount here is 40 percent. FIXD itself is designed to prevent unnecessary car repairs by issuing warnings for more than 7,000 potential problems and notifying you of inspections and oil changes that are due.


Who is the supplier of the product?
The GiddyUp Group
16 N. Oak St.
Ventura, CA 93001
Homepage: https://getvizr.io/ *


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