What is Wifi Pod?

The Wifi Pod is a small, square modem that does not need to be connected to the mains power supply during start-up. The router contains a rechargeable battery and can therefore be used comfortably on the road - that's why it is also called a "pocket modem". On the road, but of course also at home, the pocket modem WiFi Pod is designed to provide you with fast WLAN. According to the provider, the router incorporates 4G LTE technology that provides a fast Internet connection and is suitable for use by multiple devices at the same time.
According to the manufacturer, all Internet-capable devices can be connected. This includes not only smartphones and tablets, but also laptops, computers and even game consoles. It should be possible to use them not only in the vicinity of your own home, but all over the world.

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Why do I need this modem?

In 2019, around 95 percent of all German households will already have an Internet connection. WLAN enables you to go online with your PC, your mobile phone or your SmartTV, browse the World Wide Web, use social media and stream videos. If you're not at home, you can still connect to the Internet via your smartphone and its data volume.
An Internet connection via data volume is usually not only expensive. It is also not as optimal as you would like it to be at every location. Fast Internet is not always available - often you don't even have a 3G network.
But once your data connection is fast enough to stream your favorite TV show on the train or video chat with your best friend, you'll use up a lot of data volume. If you've got enough traffic to last you the whole month, you'll be used up within a few days.
WiFi Pod is designed to solve both the problem of an Internet connection and the problem of using too much data on the road. The router is therefore suitable for anyone who likes to surf the web while on the go and doesn't want to enter public and usually insecure wireless networks. Possibly, everyone who owns a smartphone and likes to be on the road can benefit from the pocket modem.

Wifi Pod

Wifi Pod rating and recommendation

The inventors of the WiFi Pod pocket modem have identified a problem that many people suffer from. Only with the help of a SIM card and the square router should it now be possible to establish a stable Internet connection, which should make surfing at LTE speed possible. This is by no means unrealistic. It is quite simply a mini-router that works in a similar way to the hotspot on a smartphone. When the SIM card is inserted and the battery is fully charged, the pocket router sends out the WLAN signal after being switched on, in the strength corresponding to the data packet booked on the SIM card.
Data volume can hardly be saved this way. Furthermore, an additional SIM card is required, which in Germany must be activated as usual with Video Ident or Post Ident procedures.
It is possible that a download speed of up to 150 megabits per second is possible, but in most cases probably not feasible. If the network coverage is not too good, you will have to settle for somewhat slower download speeds. Also realistic and in our opinion very reasonable is that the self-created WLAN can be used by up to ten people. So it will also be useful on your next camping trip with the whole family or at a team meeting in a restaurant.


Wifi Pod technical facts

  • 4G capable (LTE)
  • Download speed of up to 150Mbit/s
  • for up to ten users simultaneously
  • 2,400 mAh lithium battery for up to six hours of operation
  • handy design: ideal for on the road
  • stylish design
  • suitable for: Tablet, mobile phone, smartphone, game console, laptop, computer and for all other internet enabled devices

Wifi Pod test and quality features

The quality of the provider behind the pocket modem is demonstrated by the fact that he has set up a German-language website for Germany, Austria and Switzerland - even though the company is originally from Spain.
It is difficult to measure the quality of the router against the provider's "satisfaction guarantee". More promising is the guarantee of one or two years, which you as a customer can buy for a few Euros. If the pocket modem would not be worth its money or would stand out due to bad quality, the provider would never give such a guarantee.
Quality characteristics can also be found in relation to the website. The order process, in which you enter your personal data, is therefore comprehensively protected. McAfee, TRUSTe, and Norton ensure that the sensitive information the customer enters is sent only to the seller. Third parties who may wish to misuse this information will not have access.

Wifi Pod opinions and experiences

There are not too many customer reviews that can be found online for the pocket modem. However, the reviews that do exist are consistently positive. Thus a customer reports about her experiences in a detailed report. She can only confirm the information provided by the manufacturer and therefore awards five out of five stars. However - and this is the shortcoming - this is an advertorial of the supplier. It is therefore impossible to find out how genuine this customer's review is. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Wifi Pod?

You want to surf in the secure WLAN even when you are on the road? Then the pocket modem might be just right for you. You can only order it on the website of the official provider. If you buy the WiFi Pod, you get a discount of 50%. If you decide to buy two of them at once - for example, if you want to give away a router, the discount will increase by a few percent - the same goes for three of them. The provider also offers free shipping.
If you want more security, you can add a one-year warranty for just under six euros. A two-year guarantee costs just under ten euros. No matter whether you decide for or against a guarantee, the next step is to enter your contact information. To be requested:
  • your first and last name
  • your email address
  • your telephone number
The shipping details are then requested. Here you enter your home country, city, address, state and zip code. Once you have done this, you will be given another overview of the discounts and benefits you will receive. Now you can pay. This is only possible with a credit card. To do so, enter your credit card number, the validity and the check digit. With a click on "Pay now" the order is completed.


Who is the supplier of the product?
The product is sold by the company ECOMM Movadgency S.L.
If you have any questions regarding orders, please visit the following page: https://ecomerzpro.net/faq.html
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