What is Barx Buddy?

Barx Buddy is a special ultrasonic device designed to make dogs bark less. The device uses enormously high frequencies, which the human ear, unlike the dog's, cannot detect. Thus, the product reminds a bit of the dog whistles that were once very trendy years ago. Unlike these dog whistles, the device for barking dogs uses the high ultrasonic sounds much more specifically. If the four-legged friend now shows an undesired behaviour, the owner can activate the device and the dog will stop - at least that is what the manufacturer promises.
Furthermore, the supplier emphasizes that the product does not harm the animal in any way. The sound merely draws the dog's attention to itself - the four-legged friend focuses on it and so the dog owner has the opportunity to correct the unwanted behaviour. Especially stubborn and obstinate dogs can also be trained by the flashing LED light.
However, the range of application of the device for dog training is much wider. According to the manufacturer, the device should be able to keep away aggressive dogs.
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Why do I need this ultrasonic device?

The device for dog training is not only suitable for people who keep barking dogs at home. Also dog owners, who have other, unwanted behaviour to criticize on their four-legged friend, can use the device for dog training. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for all breeds - from large dogs such as sheepdogs and huskies, active dogs such as boxers or beagles, to aggressive breeds such as pinschers, pitbulls and rottweilers, to small four-legged friends such as terriers and chihuahuas, as well as quiet breeds such as bassets or poodles. Sometimes cat owners can also report a positive influence of the device on their pets.
Maybe you don't have a dog yourself, but you like to go for walks and would like to protect yourself in some way against strange, possibly even aggressive dogs. Even then, the device with its high frequencies can be a solution for you. Because even strange dogs direct their attention to the ultrasonic sound - at least according to the provider.

Barx Buddy

Barx Buddy Evaluation and recommendation

Considering the technical details and the principle behind the ultrasonic device for barking dogs, this is a quite simple but effective product. With a frequency of 30,000 hertz and more, the sound is actually inaudible to humans. Since dogs can perceive up to 45,000 hertz, it is quite conceivable that your four-legged friend will stop for a moment and draw his attention to it.
With regard to dog training, however, it is important that the dog learns from the beginning that the sound means that he is showing undesirable behaviour. Only in this way can the Barx Buddy be used sustainably and, above all, in the long term.
However, the sound alone will not be able to calm barking dogs. This is where your action is needed. As soon as the device for barking dogs gains the attention of the four-legged friend, it is up to you to correct the undesired behaviour.
The installation of the LED light is also very useful. Not every dog reacts equally well to sounds. Some four-legged friends can handle optical stimuli better and so the device for dog training is also aimed at these animals.


Barx Buddy technical facts

  • 30,000 Hertz and above
  • imperceptible to humans
  • Dogs direct their attention to the sound
  • undesired behaviour can be corrected
  • suitable for: barking dogs, every dog breed, some cats
  • additional flashing LED light

Barx Buddy Test and quality characteristics

The quality of the product is backed up by a 30-day guarantee, which the supplier gives voluntarily. Since this is not a German company, a right of return is not legally stipulated and yet you receive one automatically. If you are not satisfied, you can return the ultrasound device for dog training immediately - as long as the purchase was not made more than 30 days ago. It can therefore be assumed that the product is not only well made, but also functions accordingly well.

Barx Buddy review and opinions

The Barx Buddy is a useful, not too expensive gadget that can positively influence the lives of some dog owners in particular. A lot of people who have already bought such an ultrasound device see it that way and even dog trainers have more than just praised the device in the past: Thomas Pearson, a professional dog trainer from the USA, is clearly in favour of the ultrasound device in dog training. The trainer, who can look back on more than 20 years of experience, thinks that the product was the most effective gadget he has ever used to correct undesirable behaviour in dogs.
Buyers of the gadget have a similar story to tell. One customer says that she has barking dogs at home, which cannot be stopped by commands alone. The device has contributed greatly to the fact that today's four-legged friends hardly ever bark at other people anymore, and if they do, all they have to do is take the Barx Buddy in their hands - a push of a button and thus the activation of the ultrasonic sound is no longer necessary. Another customer tells us about his dog that always howled during car trips.
Thanks to the ultrasonic device, this too is now a thing of the past. Positive experiences have also been reported by people who are not dog owners themselves. For example, one buyer reports that he used to carry a branch with him when he went for a walk. This was the only possibility for him to fend off stray dogs. Thanks to the ultrasound device this is no longer necessary. The dogs would disappear immediately after the sound of the ultrasound. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Barx Buddy?

You can order this useful gadget directly on the manufacturer's site. You won't find it on Amazon and Co. For the device for barking dogs you will get a discount. The discount depends on how many gadgets you buy at once. You can choose between buying an ultrasound device or packages of two, three or four of the gadgets for dog training. The discount starts at 50 percent and increases slightly with each package. Plus, shipping is completely free if you choose two, three or four Barx Buddies.
Once you have decided on a package, all you have to do is enter your personal details and shipping information and you can pay via PayPal or credit card. You can choose from the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. In addition, you can order a lifetime warranty for the device for around four euros.


Who is the supplier of the product?
PO Box 52171
Phoenix, Arizona, 85072-2171
Homepage: https://www.barxbuddy.com/ *


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