What is the Cinderella Solution program?

The Cinderella Solution is a program designed to help you lose weight. The program was developed especially for women. A female metabolism needs different conditions for fat burning than the male body. The program is based on a mixture:
  • Information
  • Recipes and
  • Motivation
and thus serves you for the most part as help for self-help. According to the developer of the program, the aim is to induce the metabolism to lose weight without drastically reducing important food groups such as fats or carbohydrates or even removing them from the diet altogether. Should you not be satisfied with the concept, there is also a 60-day money back guarantee.
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For whom is the product suitable?

The target group of the programme is preferably women who want to lose weight. Here, a female metabolism and fat burning are clearly in the foreground. In addition, very overweight women are not excluded from this programme. If you want to lose more than a few pounds, you are also a preferred target group. The developer Carly Donovan claims to have lost a lot of weight with this program and would now like to pass these findings on to the buyers.

Cinderella Solution

What about suitability for everyday use?

If a female metabolism gets out of balance, this is usually the case after the first pregnancy or between the 30th and 50th year of life. Since a large proportion of women at this age are employed and therefore have to reconcile work and family life, the programme takes this into account. The presented recipes for losing weight are not one-sided and also taste good to children, teenagers or your partner.

While you are slowly changing your eating habits for the purpose of improved fat burning, according to the developer it is not necessary to cook twice at each meal. Some of the recipes can also be well prepared so that you can pre-cook in the office for the lunch break. The unhealthy meals from the canteen are no longer your only option.


Cinderella Solution Program explained

To get a female metabolism going, the Cinderella Solution consists of a total of four parts. The first part describes the program in more detail and provides the most important information. Here you will get tips for getting started and learn more about the composition of the individual nutrient groups within a balanced meal.
The second part is the starting point for losing weight. In this section you will find a 14-day calendar and daily recipes to help you burn fat. You can also apply the previously learned knowledge in practice at this point.
The third part follows on from the two previous parts and gives you more information to help ensure that a female metabolism does not tend to build up new fat reserves again in the future. The information should help you to make the right decisions every day and to arrange your meals correctly. Rich in nutrients, poor in calories is the motto here.
The fourth part reinforces this knowledge even further and helps to put together aromatic dishes to lose weight. The aim is to boost the feeling of satiety so that you no longer feel like eating chips or other unhealthy snacks in the evening.

What is the Cinderella Solution process?

There are two ways to enter the fat burning program. You can either run through the program as intended at all levels and thus start learning first, or you can start with the Quick Start. In the Quick Start, you start immediately with the recipes and the change in diet and can study the information as you progress.

This introduction is suitable for all women who have already dealt with the topic of nutrition in a catchy way and therefore only come across a little new information in these parts of the program. The program is designed for 28 days and should show the first results after only one week. However, the aim is to provide a basis for a permanent change in diet so that your female metabolism will not let you down in fat burning in the future.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

  • easy to understand information
  • varied recipe selection
  • suitable for everyday use
  • also available for E-Learning
  • first and foremost for self-help
  • developed preferably for women
The advantages are shown by the combination of information and practical part with nutrition plans and recipes. This means that you are not on your own, but take the first steps towards losing weight with the support of the programme. This is available in book form as well as online. Since the contents are available online anytime and anywhere, the e-learning helps you to deal intensively with the concept and not give up after a short time.
The disadvantages include losing weight in the group. This concept is less suitable for fat burning with your partner, because a female metabolism benefits more from it than the male body. Therefore, it makes sense to search for allies online or try Cinderella Solution together with your best friend.

What does the Cinderella Solution nutrition plan look like?

The nutritional plans each last 14 days and include a combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates. The latter are divided into Power and Angel and thus give a better overview of which carbohydrates are suitable for the respective meal. After the 14 days you will not have eaten a one-sided diet and will therefore never activate fat burning on the basis of a nutrient deficiency.

Desserts and drinks are not forgotten in the recipes. As these are often hidden calorie bombs, losing weight is not torpedoed by choosing the wrong drink.

Are there unique Cinderella Solution features?

The fact that a female metabolism provides the basis for the program is not the only special feature. The developer of Cinderella Solution is not one of the typical fitness gurus or nutrition experts. Carly Donovan states that with the methods and recipes given, she has succeeded in losing overweight and improving health.

The mixture of her own experience and scientific facts makes the author more credible than other experts who have never struggled with losing weight and burning fat themselves.

Cinderella Solution Test and quality features

One of the quality features of this program is the inclusion of all nutrient groups. This does not give the participants the feeling of having to do without something from the very first day. The own favourite dishes therefore often only have to be recombined in the ingredients. If a female metabolism and fat burning are stimulated, it is easy to accept the new diet without having to fight with ravenous hunger attacks.

Comparable programs often declare individual groups such as carbohydrates to be the enemy of normal weight and thus make it more difficult to maintain a relaxed attitude towards food.

Cinderella Solution reviews and opinions

On the Internet you can find different opinions about Cinderella Solution. Some women report that they have finally achieved the desired success on the scales with the method and the corresponding recipes. Others criticize that the concept is peppered with repetitions that refer to earlier information and therefore do not offer the reader any more novelties. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Cinderella Solution pdf E-Book?

Simply click on the button below to check current price on the official site.


Who is the supplier of the product?

Der Hersteller kommt aus Kanada, Ontario. Mehr ist leider nicht über den Anbieter herauszufinden.
Homepage: https://www.cinderellasolution.com *
Support E-Mail: help [at] cinderellasolution.com 


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