Anyone who is regularly out in nature knows the problem of taking a camera with you that is only usable when the subject has long since disappeared. Taking photos this way is often frustrating, which is why the camera ends up in the corner or you're constantly upset about it. With the Starscope Monocular, this is no longer a problem. This is because the telephoto lens can easily be used in front of the smartphone. We took a closer look at the device and wanted to know whether its technical features can really deliver what the manufacturer promises. We also take a look at the reviews of other users so that you can get a conclusive picture of the product.

What is Starscope Monocular?

Simply put, the Starscope monocular is a telescope that can be used not only as such. It can also be used as a telephoto lens for your smartphone. Thus, you always have a ready-to-use product in your pocket in nature, which can be mounted quickly and takes good pictures. Here are the features that the manufacturer promises:

The Starscope monocular is especially suitable for people who are out in nature a lot and want to take photos. In addition, it also brings the right technical features that you can use to your advantage in any case.

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Why do I need this telephoto lens?

The Starscope monocular is a product that can be used by anyone who likes to travel and take pictures. It is completely irrelevant to which event you take it with you. The telephoto lens is ready for use at any time, at concerts, in nature and while traveling. Age and gender do not play any role in the purchase. It is very easy to use and does exactly what is expected of it. You can use it on any occasion without any problems and you don't even have to buy an expensive lens for it. If you've already tried just that and were disappointed with the results, you can give the Starscope monocular a try.

Starscope Monocular

How is the Starscope monocular used?

The manufacturer describes the use of the Starscope monocular quite simply. If you want to use it as a telescope, you simply hold it in front of your eye and adjust the focus - if you wear glasses. Otherwise, you clamp your smartphone in front of it. There is a special holder on the telephoto lens for this, which is suitable for every smartphone. Afterwards, you simply open the photo app and can take photos. And that's it. By the way, it can also be used on a tripod.

Starscope Monocular Evaluation and Recommendation

We would like to award the Starscope monocular with a good rating. As you will read in a moment, we were also able to prove its good quality in our test. The technical equipment that the Starscope monocular comes with is actually very good for its purpose and you can take good pictures with it. The compact design also allows you to take it with you on any occasion. Overall, we are very happy to recommend the telephoto lens.


Starscope Monocular - Technical Facts

Let's now take a look at what technical features the Starscope monocular comes with to get an even better impression of the product.

As you can see very well, the Starscope monocular has exactly the features you need to capture a good image. The manufacturer even promises that it can partially replace lenses that have a focal length of up to 600 millimeters. These are commercially available for 12,000 euros, which means that the telephoto lens offered here costs a very small fraction of that, but delivers the same performance. Taking it with you on the go is also much easier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Starscope monocular?

Of course, it is always useful to know the advantages and disadvantages of a gadget. That's why we have summarized all of them for the Starscope monocular below. This list will help you get a better idea of the product and perhaps make your decision easier.


As you can see, you don't have to worry about any drawbacks with the Starscope monocular. You can simply use the telephoto lens and take good pictures. You don't have to worry about whether or not other adjustments need to be made. It simply performs well. Plus, you can easily carry it in your jacket pocket, since its dimensions and weight won't take up too much space or make it too heavy. Even if you wear glasses, you'll benefit from its advantages and can make good use of the telephoto lens.

Starscope Use

What are the Starscope monocular quality features?

We would like to know in more detail whether the Starscope monocular really fulfills the purpose that the manufacturer puts in the foreground. Because often such products are well described, but the performance is not always what you expect. So we ordered the telephoto lens ourselves. It arrived shortly after we placed the order. All of this was very straightforward. Its optical appearance looked very good and the Starscope monocular made a good impression. We just did a test afterwards and took the product with us when we were out and about. The view through the telescope itself is very clear and it can render many things crisply.
When it came to taking photos, we mounted the mount and hooked up our smartphone. All the preparations are done within seconds, which makes the device quickly ready to use the Starscope monocular. One just always had it ready quickly, so that shots were possible without further ado. The photos that resulted from these shots were really something to behold. We even showed them to an expert from our editorial department and he was very surprised that this could be done with such a simple device. The Starscope monocular convinced us practically all along the line, so we can recommend it without reservations. The telephoto lens is certainly something for anyone who travels a lot and simply likes to take photos.

General Starscope Monocular Opinions

While searching for more information, we also came across testimonials from other users. We wanted to get an even better overview based on these and see if our opinion could be supported by them. Many reported that they had bought the telephoto lens primarily for traveling, nature photography or even concerts because it allows for good magnification. As a result of the purchase, it was possible to use the Starscope monocular without any problems for most. Many describe it as incredibly straightforward to use. Preparation becomes routine and you can shoot animals very well, for example. The photos are actually always good in terms of the result and thus even photographers use it to take pictures via smartphone in their spare time. For many, the Starscope monocular becomes a good companion that they no longer want to miss on the road. That is why they are happy to recommend it to others. Further customer reviews can be found via this link! *

Are there any problems with the telephoto lens?

The ease of use of the Starscope monocular ensures that there are no problems. Most people get to grips with the telephoto lens very quickly and have it set up quickly when photos are to be taken. It also proves to be advantageous that no other settings need to be made that could delay the shooting. Therefore, the question of whether the product causes problems can be answered with "No!".

Where can I order Starscope monocular?

Ordering is actually quite straightforward and simple. It is best to order the Starscope monocular directly from the manufacturer. He offers a simple order form on his website. Here, you simply fill in the lines with the corresponding information and then select which payment method you would like to use. Here it comes to the use of Paypal or credit card. Both options are particularly safe for the buyer and uncomplicated to use. The order is then sent with a click on the "Order" button. The buyer receives a full overview of his order by e-mail and can find out where his package is at the moment by clicking on a shipment link. This always offers the advantage that you know exactly when it will arrive.
Also worth mentioning here are the advantageous offers that you should always take advantage of when the opportunity arises. They include not just one of the Starscope monoculars, but several. This offers the option of sharing them with a friend, or even giving them as a gift. However, the real advantage of the deals is that you pay a lower price per telephoto lens than you would if you ordered them individually. Therefore, we actually always recommend taking advantage of the offers when they present themselves to you. In addition, they are available for a limited time and it is not clear whether they will be discontinued again by the provider.


Who is the provider of the product?

Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013, USA


General information about telephoto lens

Photography is a very popular hobby, but it often involves immense costs. The big problem here are telephoto lenses. They magnify even distant objects such as a flying bird or shy animals in nature. Likewise, such devices are very well used at concerts, when the stars are in the front of the stage, but you yourself are only in the back of the concert hall. Another problem is their large size. Such lenses are not only heavy, they are also extremely expensive. Therefore, many actually do not even try to make photography their hobby. This is actually a great pity.
Starscope offers exactly these advantages, which become a disadvantage with an ordinary lens. The smartphone is simply clamped in front of the telephoto lens and the object can be photographed at ten times magnification.

Known FAQ about this product

In this last section, we will address any final questions that may have arisen while reading. So you have the full scope of information.
Is the Starscope monocular compatible with any smartphone?

Definitely! You can use the telephoto lens on any phone.
Is a return of the Starscope monocular possible?

If you are not satisfied with the telephoto lens, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back without any problems. So you don't take any risk when ordering Starscope monocular.
Where can you actually take the Starscope monocular?
The manufacturer describes that it's easy to take the Starscope monocular out into nature, to concerts or on trips. Even sporting events will benefit if you like to take photos at them.
Is a separate adjustment necessary if I wear glasses?

Not really. If you want to use the Starscope monocular as a telescope, you only need to focus the lens. This is not necessary when taking photos.


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