What is TechWatch?

TechWatch is a Smartwatch with Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone. Unlike the classic Smartwatches from Apple and Co. you can buy it for a reasonable and not overpriced price. The aim of the product is to offer people who could not or did not want to afford a Smartwatch until now the possibility to use the advantages of this special watch. 

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Why do I need this Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are not just conventional watches that show the time. They track important health data via Bluetooth and thus provide a particularly detailed overview of the performance and sleep quality as well as the activity intensity of the wearer of the watch. Furthermore, these watches make it possible to leave the house without a smartphone. This is an enormous advantage, especially for people who are active in sports. If a call comes in while jogging, it can be answered directly with the intelligent watch. Notifications can be partially answered while the watch continues to measure all important health parameters. 


TechWatch rating and recommendation

The question that probably arises now is whether the TechWatch with Bluetooth is really comparable to an AppleWatch or any other high priced product. An exact answer can only be found if you compare both watches with each other. However, you can already see from the technical facts that this is by no means a cheap product. First of all, the good workmanship of the aluminum case has to be emphasized, which can also be seen on the ProDukt pictures. Furthermore, the double-sided tempered glass and the HD Super Retina can withstand even harder impacts. So you don't have to worry about the TechWatch, should it fall on the floor or bump into something.
The high-priced Watches are characterized by more than just high quality. But also here the TechWatch can score. It is actually suitable for the two most common operating systems for smartphones - a perfect gift even if you don't know which operating system your buddy has on his phone. 
The functions of the inexpensive Smartwatch should also be highlighted. So you can track your activities and your heartbeat and even your sleep quality. Furthermore, the watch's dial adjusts itself to your mood - and that with the HD Super Retina for incredible looks. You can also display calls and notifications on the TechWatch, so you always have an ideal overview of all your private and business matters.


TechWatch technical facts


TechWatch test and quality features

Since the TechWatches with Bluetooth are offered exclusively on the homepage of the manufacturer, it requires a special security of the site. After all, no scammers should intercept any personal data or copy the concept of the special Smartwatch. Therefore the website has a secure 256-bit SSL encryption. This helps to ensure that your data is encrypted before being sent to the manufacturer. 
This security feature and some other security related aspects have been tested by McAfee. Since there were no complaints, the shop now has a McAfee SECURE certificate. The website also has TRUSTe verification for buyer protection.

TechWatch reviews and opinions 

The provider of the Smartwatch sees it as a cheap and yet high-quality alternative to high-priced products from Apple, Samsung and Co. The aluminium case speaks for a pleasant wearing comfort and the double-sided hardened glass and the HD Super Retina for a long service life. The HD Super Retina also ensures an incomparable high-resolution image. 
Since the product is suitable for both Android and iOS, it is even a little ahead of competing products. The display of notifications and calls is part of the standard repertoire of a Smartwatch with Bluetooth - as is the tracking of sleep, activity and heart rate. 
Customers who have already decided to purchase an TechWatch are therefore, to a large extent, completely enthusiastic about the watch. Only 12 percent of customers have so far decided to give a rating outside the five-star range. 
In the product ratings, the fact that the watches are well packed and delivered without damage is repeatedly emphasized. The visual appearance, which should be very similar to an Apple Watch, is also emphasized again and again. According to the review, the watch is definitely able to track sleep and heart rate very accurately.

Where can I buy TechWatch?

You can order the Smartwatch with Bluetooth directly on the website of the manufacturer. As soon as you enter the site, you will receive a discount of 50 percent for the next 31 minutes. So instead of 198 Euro for a Smartwatch you only pay 99 Euro. The discount is also applied to the packages - but see for yourself:
If you decide to buy a watch, you pay just under 100 euros. If you want to buy two watches, you pay around 80 Euros per watch and a little more than 150 Euros in total. If you want to buy three watches, you will be offered a special deal: You can buy two TechWatches with Bluetooth for the regular price and get one watch for free. So you pay less than 200 Euros for three watches. You can save even more if you buy four watches at once - for example to give away three of them. Here you only pay a little more than 62 euros per unit. The most rewarding deal is to order three TechWatches and get two watches for free. Here you pay a little less than 300 Euro for a total of five units.
As soon as you know how many Smartwatches with Bluetooth you want to buy, you choose them. In the second step you have to enter your contact details. These include:
In the third step you enter the delivery address. Here you have to enter the street and house number, postcode and city as well as your preferred payment method. You can choose between PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. 
Finally, for an additional 24 euros you will have the opportunity to take out a 3-year warranty for the TechWatches you have ordered. This is of course only optional and not obligatory. The order is free of charge - so there are no shipping costs.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Hyper SLS Ltd
7/F, The Grande Building
398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Homepage: https://www.techwatch.pro/ *
e-mail: support@hyperstech.com
International: +44 20 3808 9234 (24 hours a day
Brazil: +55 21 3500 3992 (Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 14:00 GMT-5)


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