What is eWatch?

The eWatch is a so-called health tracker. Maybe you already know similar products from big manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. What the Smartwatches of the big vendors have in common is a high price and mostly the restriction that the health watch is only suitable for a certain operating system. This is about to change with the eWatch.
The health tracker is worn like a watch on your wrist and shows you the current time. But it can do even more. It monitors and tracks your activities, your heartbeat and even your sleep. In the past, this has inspired and motivated many people to do more sports and to establish a more active lifestyle. In addition, this special fitness tracker also displays notifications sent to your smartphone by your friends, colleagues or business partners. So you can quickly check your messages while you're doing your strength training at the gym or jogging in the nearby park.
Unlike the Fitness Trackers from Samsung, Apple and co., this device is explicitly suitable for smartphones with Android, but also for mobile phones with iOS operating system. Furthermore, the price is quite respectable Kore 2.0 watch in direct comparison.

eWatch opinions and experiences

The experience with the Smartwatch has been very positive to a large extent. The watch received the greatest praise from many reviewers for its versatility and extensive functions. Also the possibility to use the device for Android smartphones as well as for iOS devices convinced many. Some reviews criticized the fact that the watch's wristband cannot be replaced.

Where can I buy eWatch?

You can buy the eWatch directly from the manufacturer. They offer you not only different sets with one, two or three of the fitness trackers, but also a discount of 50 percent and more. If you decide to buy a Smartwatch, you will receive a 50 percent discount. If you buy two health watches, the price per piece drops by another five euros. If you order three of them at once, for example as a gift, the price is reduced once more and you pay almost 15 Euro less per piece than if you buy only one eWatch.
Once you have chosen the number of watches you want to buy, you can choose the design. You can choose between a black and a white design. Depending on the colour, the design of the display also differs - so choose carefully. You can also choose a two-year warranty in this step. This will cost you a one-time fee of just under ten euros. In addition, there is the possibility to buy a special protector that protects the display of your new watch.
All done? Just enter your name, your e-mail address and your telephone number. Your address details are also required, of course. Now you can pay via PayPal or credit card. You can choose from the following credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

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