What is Kailo Patch?

The Kailo Patch is an adhesive strip with nanocapacitors, which is specifically used as a pain patch. In direct comparison to other pain relief products, this product has neither medication nor warming ingredients. Instead, the nerves are prevented from passing on the pain stimuli so that, according to the manufacturer's promise, you should be free of pain within a few minutes. The patch itself is reusable and even suitable for showering or swimming. The patch can be applied with little effort and is therefore universally applicable to the entire skin. In addition, the manufacturer promises that it is possible to stick the patch on thin clothing, such as an undershirt, and still benefit from the effect. Moreover, the nanocapacitors do not cause dependency or have a negative effect on the mobility of the affected body parts.
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Why do I need this patch?

The target group primarily includes people with acute pain. The pain patches can be used to relieve pain in people of all ages. The patches contain neither drugs nor other substances. For example, some traditional pain patches use chilli or other pungent substances to generate heat on the skin and thus reduce the sensation of pain. The Kailo Patch reduces the sensation of pain on the basis of nanocapacitors. These interrupt the transmission of pain stimuli from the brain to the affected areas. The manufacturer assures pain relief within a few minutes. The patches are ready for use at any time and do not need to be cooled, warmed or charged. Thanks to their handy size and feather-light weight, the patches fit in any pocket or glove compartment. This makes them much easier to use on the road than taking tablets or applying pain ointments. 

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Kailo Patch evaluation and recommendation

One of the most important details of this product is that it can be easily applied to any part of the body. The manufacturer promises you that the pain patch will fit on your back or stomach just as easily as on your knee or elbow. This hold is given either for a short time or, in the case of persistent pain, throughout the day. A factor that speaks for the everyday suitability of this product. After all, the aim of pain relief is to make everyday life more active and not to have to worry about a plaster in return. The patches should therefore be flexible enough to be quickly forgotten while wearing them. 
What is not forgotten, on the other hand, is the fact that the patches do not require any medication or other substances that create dependency when used frequently. The patches are made of a waterproof polyester, which can also be worn in the shower or swimming pool. This is ideal for use during sports, as even sweat does not help to peel the patches off the body. It is only important to let a wet patch dry in the air first and not to use a hairdryer or other aids to remove the moisture more quickly. 


Kailo Patch technical facts

 The most important facts in brief:
  • Patches based on nanocapacitors
  • multifunctional 
  • easily removable 
  • contain no analgesics 
  • also works on thin clothes

Kailo Patch Test and quality features

Compared to other manufacturers of pain relief products, the Kailo brand openly indicates the place of manufacture. Production is in Utah and therefore within the USA. Products there are also under the supervision of the local authorities and must comply with the applicable regulations. For many entrepreneurs from the USA, however, the well-founded fear of lawsuits is much more serious. In the United States, these can easily involve astronomically high sums of money and thus endanger the existence of a company. It is therefore in their own interest not to overstate the promises made by manufacturers or to market products that could damage the health of users. If you have a problem with the patches, you also have the possibility to take legal action in the USA, so that the manufacturer is not out of reach. 

Kailo Patch opinions and experiences

One of the positive features of this product is the option to use the patch multiple times. This saves costs and at the same time helps to reduce the amount of waste produced in the household. The reuse is also very easy due to the structure of the patch for pain relief. Although the patch sticks to the skin, it can be removed completely painlessly and without leaving any residue. The small hairs on the skin do not adhere to the underside and do not require tricks like moistening the pain plasters.
In Netz you can find both positive and negative feedback on this product. People who have to deal with pain after injuries express themselves happy about the purchase after the existing feedback. The patch takes away the pain and helps to avoid letting the injury dictate everyday life. People with chronic complaints, on the other hand, show less success in using the patches. This clearly shows that the patch relieves the symptoms, but not the cause. If pain persists for a long period of time, it is helpful to consult a doctor to get to the bottom of the problem. 

Where can I buy Kailo Patch?

The pain patches are already available in various places. These include the website of the manufacturer Kailo on the one hand and a website specially designed for marketing this product on the other. For this purpose, the manufacturer is working together with the GiddyUp Group from California. This group takes over the marketing and the incoming orders. On both platforms the original patches are offered, so it is worthwhile to compare to see if a discount is currently offered. There are currently three discounted offers available on the website created by the GiddyUp Group. The offers include one, three or five of the patches and you can save between 20% and 50%.
If you are not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer Kailo offers a 30-day right of return. If you make use of this right, your money will be refunded. Please note, however, that the shipping costs are usually not refunded and that you also have to bear the costs for the return shipment to the USA. As this is a product that comes from outside the European Union, customs duties are not excluded. Here you should keep the receipts for the payments in order to get them refunded after a return.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Name: Kailo
Address: 8184 South Highland Drive
84093 Utah
Country of origin: USA
In order to secure financing for the production of Kailo patches, the company initially worked with crowdfunding campaigns. This initiative has resulted in a secure production. Except for the delivery time from the USA to Germany, you do not have to expect extended waiting times for your order.

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