Everyone who has a car knows that sooner or later he will have to take it to the garage. But this also means that the costs can be horrendous. While most garages today use a car reading device to read out the fault via the OBD II connection, the owner does not always know whether the problem that is output is really the truth. Therefore it makes sense for the owner to check what is wrong with his car himself. Automend Pro is an auto-reading device that can easily be used by the owner to read out faults. These are then displayed on your smartphone. The advantage: horrendous costs are avoided and you can prepare yourself in advance for what is coming. Today we would like to introduce Automend Pro in detail and explain what the auto-reading device is all about.

What is Automend Pro?

Automend Pro is an auto-reading device that uses the OBD II connector to find out what the fault is in the car. This allows the user to keep track of the car and the car is only repaired where it is really broken. Every user of Automend Pro has the opportunity to prepare in advance, as the possible costs are also displayed thanks to the device. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the following features of the Automend Pro:
  • Users will no longer be asked to pay unnecessarily when a repair is due
  • As a car owner, you know exactly where the problem lies and can calculate the costs involved
  • Never again will too much be charged, or an error be read out that does not exist
  • The Automend Pro protects the user from the horrendous costs that can be incurred in any repair
Thanks to Automend Pro, it is possible to determine in advance what costs will be incurred and what error will occur. Only then can you take the car to the garage and coordinate with the service department what is and is not done. You can intervene early enough if something seems strange and then protect yourself against the costs.

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Why do I need this car reader?

Basically, Automend pro is aimed at every driver who wants to know exactly what is wrong with his car. It does not matter what age group you are in, what profession you have, or whether you are male or female. Unfortunately, it is often the case that younger people receive a damage report in the workshop that is not true. Many workshops do this because they want to earn money. However - which is logical - this is at the expense of the car owner. But even among the older generation, some garages act in this way. Those who use the car reader have the opportunity to prepare themselves and intervene if necessary. It is also irrelevant whether one has already tried out another device of this type in advance. Everyone should get their own impression of Automend Pro.

Automend Pro


Automend Pro Evaluation and recommendation

We give the Automend Pro a good rating and believe that it is a good auto-reader that you can rely on to work. It protects the user from excessive costs and reads out exactly which error is present. At the same time, it calculates the costs involved and gives the owner the opportunity to prepare himself. Because workshop costs usually always come as a surprise. Automend Pro is a good way to keep an eye on your car and its faults, as it also allows real-time analysis, so you always have an immediate insight into the problem. We are very happy to recommend Automent Pro to others and believe that the Automend Pro is an optimal way to avoid unnecessary costs.

Automend Pro - Technical data

We cannot give any information regarding the technical specifications of the Automend Pro. The manufacturer has been very cautious in this respect, so we cannot list any details that would help us to learn more about how it works.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of this product?

Each gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be kept in mind. That is why we took the opportunity to summarize how this looks like in Automend Pro. In this way you can better assess the capabilities of the auto-reader and judge if it is really the right one for your use.
  • Cooperates with many devices and operating systems (Smartphone)
  • Easy to use via the OBD II connector
  • Ejects a specific error message, if any
  • Technical monitoring in real time possible
  • Avoids the expenditure of excessive repair costs
  • None known
As you can see, the Automend Pro only has advantages that you can benefit from. Not only do you get an indication of the cost of the damage, but you also get a way to monitor the technical problems your car is experiencing. You'll never again be faced with a fait accompli in the garage, let alone be told that there is another fault. You'll be able to see exactly what's wrong with your car and have a good view of the problem. When it comes to compatibility, the Automend Pro makes no difference. You can use either an iPhone or a device with the Android operating system. Even on tablets the app should run without problems.

Automend Pro Benutzung

What are the Automend Pro quality features?

There are no quality seals of approval that distinguish the Automend Pro. Nevertheless, one can speak of quality with this auto-reading device. We tried it once and could see for ourselves that it works without any effort, just plug the device into the OBD II port and read out what is wrong with the car. The order went smoothly. Shortly afterwards it was shipped. After we received it, we could test it right away. So we played the app on the smartphone and plugged the adapter into the OBD II port.
We have done this for several cars and have always received a result if there was a fault. The costs were calculated moderately and therefore the risk of being faced with horrendous costs and being unprepared is very low. Overall we were very pleased with the result and would recommend Automend Pro to anyone who has a car and wants to protect themselves to some extent.

Are there any problems with Automend Pro?

During the test as well as within the field reports we could not find any indication that there are any problems or difficulties with Automend Pro. Simply plug the auto-reader into the OBD II port, install the app and you're ready to go. There were no problems related to the device that we would have to mention at this point. However, it is strongly recommended that you follow the manufacturer's instructions. Then nothing can go wrong.

General Automend Pro opinions

When searching for information about Automend Pro, we have looked for the opinions of various users. We wanted to know how well they got along with the Automend Pro and whether they would recommend it to others. We found some testimonials and were able to get a very good picture of the Auto-reader. Most of them used Automend Pro to get an overview of the costs and errors of their car. Many described it as easy to use and were very satisfied with the features it has. They simply plugged the device into the OBD II port and could immediately read out on their mobile phone what was wrong. They were prepared before they drove the car to the garage. Overall satisfaction was very high and so most users were happy to recommend it to others or would buy it again. They remained protected from high costs thanks to Automend Pro. Further customer reviews can be found via this link! *

Where can I order Automend Pro?

Automend Pro is best ordered directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer has its own website, including a webshop, where you can take advantage of various offers. It is important that you use these offers when they are made available. They are usually limited in time. The offers usually include several devices, so that you always have one at hand when you need it. However, each individual device within the offers is cheaper than if you place an individual order. As a buyer, you can therefore benefit considerably from the offers. So if you have the chance, you should definitely take it.
The order itself is very uncomplicated and simple. To do this, the order form is filled out, which is available on the website of the supplier. Afterwards you already choose which payment method you want to use. Options such as Paypal or credit card are available here. Once you have decided, you can send the order. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail in which all data concerning your order are listed. If the Automend pro is sent, you will receive another e-mail. This e-mail contains a shipment link, which allows you to track online where the package is at the moment. So you always have an overview and can estimate when it will arrive. Afterwards you can try out the auto-reading device directly.


Who is the supplier of the product?

Automend Pro is distributed by a vendor who has the following address

Anthony Perez, Quality Performance Limited, 377 Valley Rd # 1123, Clifton, NJ 07013.
There is also an e-mail address that you can use if you still have questions or want to contact the service. This is: support@getautomendpro.com.

Unfortunately we could not find out more about the supplier of Automend Pro.


General information about the car reader

Nowadays, every car has a so-called OBD II connection. Usually an auto-reading device is connected to this port to read out faults and problems when the engine light is on. Using this function, garages can usually determine which fault is present and act accordingly. Unfortunately, many garages take advantage of this function and repair a different matter. Two to three weeks later, the engine lamp lights up again and the car needs to be returned to the workshop. This results in horrendous costs, which the owner has to pay each time. There have even been angry voices that women in particular, or some young or older people, are being ripped off - as they put it so nicely.
To prevent this from happening again, there is Automend Pro. This is connected to the car via the OBD II connector and you can read out yourself where the fault is. If you are told otherwise in the workshop, you can intervene as a car owner and defend yourself against the high costs. The device even calculates how much the damage might cost, so that you can prepare yourself for it to some extent. The auto-reading device makes things a lot easier for every user, which can be used to their advantage.
Known FAQ about this product
In this last section we will explain the questions that may still be open and hope to provide you with the latest information that can help you understand Automend Pro.
Where can I find the OBD2 connection on my car? 
The connection should be easy to find out from the car's user manual. It is therefore helpful to consult them if it is not clearly apparent.
Can I operate the auto-reader even if I have no technical knowledge? 
Yes! its use is completely safe and problem-free. All you need to do is plug in a device and install an app on a smartphone. The Automend Pro does the rest by itself.
Will I really never have to expect excessive repair costs again? 
No! The car reader calculates the costs in advance and thus provides a good overview of what the car owner will have to pay.
Is there a money-back guarantee? 
If you are not satisfied with Automend Pro, you can contact the supplier. As a rule, you should be able to return the machine.
Will the Automend Pro fit in any car? 
If you don't necessarily drive a vintage car, you can assume that it will fit in your car. The only thing that matters is that the car has an appropriate connector where you have to plug in the adapter.


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