Everyone goes to the toilet several times a day. It is typical to use toilet paper. However, this is not as optimal as it is often portrayed. It not only causes a lot of waste, but also clogs the pipes over time. If wet toilet tissues are added to the mix, there are even more problems. It is particularly unfortunate that most papers also do not serve the purpose they are supposed to. They just wipe the dirt back and forth and don't get rid of bacteria and viruses the way they should. A bidet does a much better job. The problem: not every household has a bidet these days. This is where Blaux Bidet comes in. This is a portable version that can be used very well both at home and on the go to ensure extensive hygiene. We wanted to take a closer look at the device today and go into its functions.

What is Blaux Bidet?

Blaux Bidet is an alternative to toilet paper that you can use to ensure good hygiene. It replaces the typical bidet, so you don't have to install one to keep yourself clean. The manufacturer is convinced of its product and puts the following advantages in the foreground:
  • More hygienic than conventional wiping
  • Gentler on the skin
  • More environmentally friendly because there is no need to use toilet paper
  • High quality and components
These four features alone make it an excellent alternative to ordinary toilet paper. There is no longer so much waste, plus it is easy to operate and can be used by all age groups. Anyone who orders the Blaux bidet will find after a short time that they no longer want to do without it. Incidentally, the device is also ideal for when you are out camping, for example, and have no way of carrying out a thorough cleaning.

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Why do I need this device?

The Blaux bidet is aimed at all people who like to ensure thorough hygiene. It is so easy to use that both young and old can benefit from it. Therefore, it can be used for every age group. Moreover, it can be used to clean even children on the changing table. It is also made for people who are looking for an alternative to typical toilet paper. Because toilet paper always causes trouble in the drains and it's not very sustainable either. Even those who have already tested an alternative and were not satisfied with it can use it. However, everyone should convince themselves of the capabilities of Blaux Bidet and form their own opinion. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you are male or female. You can use the Blaux Bidet in any case.

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Blaux bidet rating and recommendation

We are very happy to recommend the Blaux bidet and think that it can be a considerable relief for everyone. Anyone who wants to maintain good hygiene will benefit from using this alternative to toilet paper. We have read testimonials that have been consistently positive. In addition, there were numerous testimonials that we were able to form ourselves and therefore the Blaux bidet is a good way to finally live sustainably and at least not produce any waste in the bathroom. The product is also suitable for on the go. Because everyone who has tried it once doesn't really want to do without it again. We therefore give it a good rating. 

Blaux bidet - Technical facts

Unfortunately, there is no information on the manufacturer's website about the technology with which the Blaux bidet works. Nevertheless, we wanted to compile a few features that can be used to orientate oneself at least a little:
  • Spray mode button
  • Removable water tank
  • Integrated safety lock for the water tank
  • Rechargeable via USB connection
Unfortunately, we could not find any further information on the technology of the Blaux bidet.


What are the Blaux bidet quality features?

Of course, we wanted to see the Blaux bidet for ourselves, so we tried it out. We were interested in the alternative to toilet paper simply because it is so easy to use and because bidets are increasingly seen as an indicator of good hygiene these days. So we ordered the Blaux bidet once. The workmanship is impressive. The device feels good in the hand and only needs to be charged once before first use. Then you can start using it right away. The application is completely uncomplicated and simple. We used it for a longer period of time and noticed that you feel much cleaner when you use the device. The Blaux bidet ensures good hygiene and gives you the possibility that your skin is not as strained as it is with toilet paper. Accordingly, we give the Blaux bidet a good rating overall. Unfortunately, there are no quality seals, but we rate the device extremely positively.

Blaux Bidet Anwendung

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Blaux bidet?

Every gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of. We have therefore taken this opportunity to compile a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the Blaux bidet. With the help of these lists, you can form your own opinion and perhaps even better decide whether it is right for your needs. We give you the opportunity to gather more information and it can therefore help you to make a purchase decision.

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by all, regardless of age group
  • Rechargeable
  • Can be used for better hygiene
  • Much better than typical toilet paper
  • None known
As you can see, there are no disadvantages that you have to fear when using Blaux Bidet. It is an excellent alternative for toilet paper and replaces the typical bidet at home, which not everyone has in their homes these days. At the same time, it can be recharged over and over again and thus used for a long period of time. It ensures good hygiene and is much better for the skin than the typical toilet paper. This is why the Blaux bidet is highly recommended by users.

General Blaux Bidet opinions

In our search for information on the Blaux bidet, we naturally also kept our eyes open for opinions and other reports on experiences from users who have already tried out the alternative to toilet paper. We found some reports that provided a good insight. They were all positive, so we assume that most users of the Blaux bidet had a very good experience with the device. They all praised that it was more sustainable than using normal toilet paper and that it improved hygiene very well. They were also happy to take the device with them to benefit from it when they were on the road or even on holiday. In the end, it turned out that most of them were very satisfied with the product and would be happy to recommend it to others. Further customer reviews can be found via this link! *

Are there any problems when using Blaux Bidet?

After we were able to convince ourselves in various testimonials that the Blaux bidet works as it should and we were also able to take a look at it ourselves, there were no problems that we should mention or complain about at this point. It is only important that you use the appliance as the manufacturer specifies and do not deviate from it. Therefore, we can answer this question with an unequivocal "No!" and say that the device works perfectly, as long as you have read and internalised the operating instructions.

Where can I order Blaux Bidet?

The best way to order is directly from the supplier on the internet, via their internet shop. In this shop, you can also purchase the alternative to toilet paper directly and assume that you are getting the original and not a copy with problems. For this purpose, the manufacturer issues different offer formats from which one's own wallet can benefit. This means that a graduated offer may contain several Blaux bidet devices, so that you always have one at hand. As an orderer, you benefit in any case by receiving several devices. However, these are much cheaper individually than if you place a single order. But be careful: these offers are only available for a short time. When the offer is no longer available, you don't really know when they will be back and in what format.
In addition, there is a very simple way to order. You simply fill out the order form on the manufacturer's website, which can be found directly on the homepage. Once you have done this, you have the option of choosing one of several payment methods. Secure and convenient methods such as Paypal or credit card are used. After that, the order for the Blaux bidet is simply sent. Afterwards, you will receive an e-mail in which the order is listed in detail and you can get an overview of the order. When the Blaux bidet is dispatched, you will receive another e-mail containing a delivery link. Using this link, you can easily find out where the package is at the moment and estimate when it will arrive. Then you can try out the alternative for toilet paper right away.


Who is the provider of the product?

Unfortunately, there is little or no information about the supplier on the manufacturer's website. Therefore, we cannot summarise any information in this regard here.


General information on the subject of hygiene

Hygiene is very important when it comes to going to the toilet every day. So many bacteria and viruses accumulate on the toilet. For this, we use a medium for wiping, which does not quite ensure that everything is also removed. Often you just push the bacteria back and forth using toilet paper. That's why a bidet has become more and more popular in recent years. It ensures that you can rinse off immediately under running water, thus ensuring good hygiene. The problem: it is still a rarity in many homes these days. Therefore, some people want a portable alternative that they can use for such cases.
The Blaux bidet offers exactly this alternative and is also a good fallback option in terms of toilet paper. The latter is also always made from raw materials that come from our nature. Therefore, it is not particularly sustainable. To counter this point somewhat, the Blaux bidet is always a very good alternative. You can use it at home, but you can also take it with you on the road. In addition, it does not clog any drains, which then again results in more costs to get them unclogged. Overall, the use of a bidet is always recommended. The Blaux bidet can be a remedy if one is not available at home.
Known FAQ about this product
In this last section, we would like to clarify any questions that may have arisen while reading this article. In this way, we would also like to provide you with further information that you may not have read in the upper section.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
There is a return option if you are not 100 percent satisfied with the Blaux bidet. Then you also get your money back.
Do I have to pay the shipping costs for the return shipment myself? 
The manufacturer specifies that you pay the costs for a return shipment yourself.

How long do you have for a return? 

The manufacturer gives you 30 days after you receive the Blaux bidet to decide whether to keep it or return it. The product should be returned in its original packaging. Only then will a refund be made.

Is it really an alternative for toilet paper? 

The device is definitely a good alternative for toilet paper.

What to do when the battery is empty? 

Then the device is simply recharged. If the battery runs out in the middle of use, it is always advisable to have an alternative at hand. This can be achieved by means of the offers provided by the manufacturer.

Do I have to go to great lengths to use the alternative for toilet paper? 

No, the device is only charged and can then already be used.


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