Everyone who has ever flown a drone knows the pitfalls of these. They bump everywhere, data transmission is not exactly easy and they sometimes cause problems. The Shadow X Drone on the other hand has all the attributes to simply make good video recordings and photos. It is foldable and also equipped with all the necessary technical requirements that you can expect from a good drone. Therefore we would like to introduce the Shadow X Drone today and explain the advantages it offers to buyers. How to use the drone and also how to make the video recordings.

What is Shadow X Drone?

This product is a drone that can be folded and used for video recording. The Shadow X Drone also takes photos. The manufacturer has equipped it with a few special features, which look like the following:
  • Drone foldable (for easier transport)
  • HD photos and video recording at 120 frames per second, photos are recorded at 12 megapixel resolution
  • Increased flight time of up to 21 minutes
  • Gravity sensor
  • Slo-Mo mode
  • Panorama mode (bidlers are shot in 360 degrees)
The Shadow X Drone therefore has all the prerequisites for taking good pictures and is also very easy to control. Once you have tried it, you will certainly not want to give it away so easily.

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Why do I need this drone?

Basically, the Shadow X Drone is something for all people who would like to own their own drone in order to make video recordings or photos with it. The Shadow X Drone is aimed at all age groups and is absolutely independent of gender. Therefore, it can be recommended without reservation. Even those who have never flown a drone before will have no difficulty with this model, which is also foldable. The gyro sensor inside ensures that the Shadow X Drone will not cause any accidents. However, even advanced drone owners can enjoy the Shadow X Drone and make video recordings. Even if you already own one or more drones, you can try out the Shadow X Drone without hesitation.

Shadow X Drone


Shadow X Drone evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we rate the Shadow X Drone as a very good drone whose performance can be relied upon. It gives the user the opportunity to enjoy a longer flight time and to make video recordings of good quality. Even photos can be taken with it very well. Therefore it is simply a drone that one does not want to do without after the first use. It is aimed at many target groups, all of whom can do something with it when they want to take aerial photos. The easy handling of the video recordings afterwards also makes it very easy to handle. We give the Shadow X Drone a very good rating and are convinced that it can be recommended without reservation.

Shadow X Drone - Technical facts

The manufacturer is somewhat silent on the technical characteristics. Nevertheless, we have compiled what we could find in this respect. Here you have an overview:
  • About 60 to 70 minutes charging time
  • Flight time of 21 minutes
  • Balance can be adjusted with a button and special settings
  • Atmospheric pressure can be regulated by pressing a key
  • Video and photo display is possible on the smartphone in ego-perspective
Unfortunately we could not find more information regarding the technology. However, on the basis of this information, it can already be assumed that the drone has everything it needs to be able to fly properly.


What are the Shadow X Drone quality features?

We wanted to see the features of the Shadow X Drone for ourselves and ordered it. The drone is foldable and therefore very easy to take along. Therefore it was very interesting for some of our employees. The order went absolutely smoothly and a little later we were able to use the drone for some video recordings. The setup was absolutely no problem. Afterwards we went outside. The Shadow X Drone is operated completely via mobile phone and a connected remote control. So you can directly influence which video recordings you would like to make. These are then immediately saved on the mobile phone. After about 21 minutes the Shadow X Drone arrived back on the floor. Its sensor, which avoids causing accidents, was very helpful. It also enabled those who were not yet familiar with the drone to fly it. Overall, we were satisfied with the drone's performance and therefore give it a good rating.

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General Shadow X Drone opinions

Of course, we also looked around to see if there were other users who had already worked with the Shadow X Drone and what experiences they had had. We found a few reports that gave us a good idea of how others were getting on with the drone. Most of them used the drone to make video recordings. The quality was very good, so they were very happy to recommend the drone to others. Because it is foldable, most of them were able to put it in their pockets and store it in a space-saving way. Many would also buy it again and again, as they were able to achieve very good results with the Shadow X Drone. We have not been able to find any negative opinions. We assume that most users got along very well with the Shadow X Drone. Further customer reviews can be found via this link! *

Where can I order Shadow X Drone?

The best way to order is directly from the manufacturer itself. They have their own page on the Internet where they offer their products. The Shadow X Drone is also available there in different offer formats. These offers should be used in any case, if you have the possibility to do so. Because they are only durable for a limited period of time and it is uncertain whether they will return in this form afterwards. The offers usually include several devices, which are cheaper overall than if you place an individual order. These offers are probably also more worthwhile if you want to use the drone for a long time. Because this way you always have one at hand that is freshly charged. It is definitely worthwhile to take a look here.
In order to place an order, the interested party must fill in the order form on the website and then select the payment option they wish to use. There are various options available to him. These include Paypal and credit card. These methods are generally very secure, which is of course an advantage for the buyer. Afterwards he only has to send the order. Afterwards he will receive a confirmation and, in case of shipping, even an email containing a link with a tracking number. With this number he can easily track where his parcel is at the moment on the Internet. So he always has a complete overview.


Who is the supplier of the product?

The provider is a company that has the following address

21606 Devonshire St. # 3159 Chatsworth, CA 91313 United States
Unfortunately we could not even find out the name of the provider. However, there is still a support mail address that you can use. This is: cs@beverlyhillsgadgetshop.com.
Unfortunately we could not find any further information.


General information about dronesGeneral information about telephone chargers

For some years now, a drone has been a popular toy for many people who like to take video recordings and bird's-eye views. This was not really possible before. Most drones of today are simply designed so that they can fly easily. But they also bring with them numerous problems. The Shadow X Drone is designed in such a way that it cannot break down so easily. Because it is foldable for transport, you can fold it up small and simply put it in your pocket. It is also equipped with a gyro sensor that prevents it from flying against obstacles. This means that it causes much less damage. Furthermore, it is not one of those drones that are connected to a smartphone, which is then also taken into the air. The video recordings are transmitted directly to the smartphone by the integrated camera. This provides a safe way to take video recordings and photos.
Known FAQ about this product
In this section we clarify the last questions that might have arisen during the reading and thus give you a full overview:
How long can the drone fly? 

Up to 21 minutes.
Can even beginners fly the drone?
Without problems. This works very well via the remote control and smartphone supplied. However, the Shadow X Drone is certainly just as interesting for advanced users.
How many metres per second can it fly? 

It flies up to 19 metres per second. The transmission distance can be up to 4 kilometres.
Does the drone land by itself if the battery is too low?

Yes, the drone is bringing itself safely back to Earth.
Is she prone to accidents?

Generally not, as the gyro sensor ensures that she practically flies out of the way of obstacles.

How long does my delivery take?

That depends on where you order from. Normally it can take up to 30 days until the drone really arrives at its destination.


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