Everyone knows the problem that always arises when you have to clean your ears. You don't have the right tool, the earwax gets deeper and deeper into the ear without you being able to do anything about it. But what is the best thing to do in this case? Is there a professional tool that not only penetrates the ear to a certain extent without hurting you, but also removes all the earwax? The Tvidler is exactly such a tool, which you can work with well without having to have any prior knowledge. The cleaning of the ears is quickly done with it, and you can use it in every butterfly. We took a closer look at the ear cleaner and wanted to know if it can really do what the manufacturer promises. For this purpose, we made a test, listed the specifications and read testimonials.

What is Tvidler?

The Tvidler is an ear cleaner with a spiral at the tip that easily removes earwax from the ear. To do this, simply insert it into the ear, twist it and pull it out again. It does not matter whether you are an adult or a child. The manufacturer also emphasises the following features:
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is sustainable because it is reusable.
  • It can be used at any age.
  • The ears are protected from injury.
  • The tip can be replaced.
As you can see, the ear cleaner actually has everything that is needed for professional cleaning. With it, you can clean your ears without injury and also have the guarantee of easy operation. Because it can be reused, it is also very sustainable, which is becoming more and more of an issue in society.
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Why do I need this ear cleaner?

The Tvidler is practically aimed at everyone who wants to tackle a simple and, above all, hazard-free ear cleaning. The ear cleaner is uncomplicated to use by adults and children and can clean the ears without the need for special technical know-how. It is suitable for users of all ages and therefore attractive for young and old. It also doesn't matter if you are male or female. Both sexes can try it out without any effort, and it brings the same advantages to both. In addition, you can try it even if you have already tried other alternatives and were dissatisfied with them. It is therefore highly recommended to give it a try.


Tvidler rating and recommendation

We would like to recommend the Tvidler to others because we believe that the ear cleaner is a good way for everyone to keep their ears clean. It not only makes cleaning itself easier, but also gives you the right conditions for a thorough cleaning. We give it a good rating because it can be reused, it is easy to use and you can buy it for the whole family. Thanks to it, you simply have a few advantages when cleaning your ears that no other tool can offer. Therefore, we think it is the best solution for cleaning the ears.

Tvidler - Technical facts

There are not many technical features of the Tvidler that we can list here. Nevertheless, we would like to compile what we could find.
  • It is equipped with 360 degree protection so that you cannot hurt yourself.
  • The quality is very high, as it is made of a high-quality plastic.
  • The tip is made of silicone and can therefore adapt well to the ear canal.
  • Its ergonomic design allows perfect control over the tool.
  • It is easy to clean with water and a little soap.
  • The length is 12.6 centimetres and the tip is 3.2 centimetres long.
On the basis of these data, however, it is very easy to see that the Tvidler actually has everything a good ear cleaner needs. Therefore, it can be recommended without reservations.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Tvidler?

Like every product, the Tvidler has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before buying it. We have therefore compiled a list for you below of what there is to say about the ear cleaner. With the help of these lists, you too can get a better idea of the Tvidler and perhaps decide more easily whether it is right for you.
  • It is easy to use
  • It works safely and smoothly
  • It is reusable
  • The tip can be replaced without effort
  • None known
As you can see from these lists, there are actually no disadvantages with the Tvidler that you have to put up with. Therefore, it can definitely be recommended if you purchase it. The ear cleaner also has the right properties to be sustainable. You only have to replace the tip and do not have to dispose of the entire tool. In addition, it can be cleaned beforehand with water and a little soap without any problems.

Tvidler Anwendung

What are the Tvidler quality features?

We wanted to know a little more and did a test with the Tvidler. We wanted to know if the ear cleaner can really deliver what the manufacturer promises. The order went absolutely smoothly and allowed us to choose between several payment options. We rate the order as very safe. When we then received the Tvidler, we were able to convince ourselves of its quality and workmanship. The tool made a good impression.
Afterwards, we tried it out and could hardly believe that it really is as easy as the manufacturer predicted. It can only be inserted into the ear to a certain extent and, thanks to the rotation, reliably removes the earwax that is in the ear canal. Afterwards, it is cleaned and the procedure can be repeated if necessary. We have never hurt ourselves or had any problems with the ear cleaner. Therefore, we are really happy to recommend it and believe that it is worth the good rating in any case.

General Tvidler opinions

While researching the Tvidler, we also looked for other reports of experiences on the internet and found what we were looking for. Many people have already tried the Tvidler and can tell us about their experiences with the ear cleaner. First and foremost, it can be said that the reviews were all positive and no negative reports could be found. Most of them bought the ear cleaner in the hope that it would be easy to use. When they used it, they found out that it was easier than they thought and they were able to remove earwax without any problems. Some had also tried other tools of this kind to do a professional cleaning, which did not work as well as with the Tvidler. Overall, it was highly praised and many would not want to do without using it. Therefore, most gave it a good rating and were happy to recommend it to others. Further customer reviews can be found via this link! *

Are there any risks or problems with Tvidler?

In our test, as well as in other field reports, we found no evidence that the Tvidler causes any problems. Accordingly, we can answer the question with "No! However, we would also like to point out that it is important to read the instructions for use beforehand and to follow any instructions given by the manufacturer. A little more caution is needed with children. Quick movements should be avoided during treatment. Otherwise, however, there are no problems or risks.

Where can I order Tvidler?

Ideally, the order is placed directly via the manufacturer, who offers its own online shop for the product on its website. With its help, it is easily possible to set up a secure order. First of all, it is necessary to select one of the offers and then fill in an order form with your own data. Once this is done, you will be asked to choose a payment method. Methods such as Paypal or credit card are available for this purpose. These are relatively secure. After that, the order is sent off. The supplier sends an e-mail to the customer to give him an overview of the order. Once the goods have been shipped, the customer receives another e-mail, including a shipment link. This makes it easy to track the parcel on the road and calculate when it will arrive. This means you always have a complete overview.
Let's now turn to the offers that were mentioned at the beginning. With this offer, the manufacturer gives the customer the opportunity to purchase not only one Tvidler, but several copies of the ear cleaner. With the help of these offers, it is possible to equip the whole family and can also be easy on the wallet. The advantage of these offers is that although you order several Tvidlers at once, each one is always cheaper than if you only order one. That's why you should take advantage of these offers. This is the only way to build up a stock, for example, or to make a tool available to other family members. However, there is a catch: the offers are only available for a limited time. In addition, it is not certain whether they will return when the manufacturer takes them off the website. So it always makes sense to order when you have the chance.


Who is the provider of the product?

The Tvidler is available through a company with the following address: UAB "Ekomlita", Gedimino Str. 45-7, Kaunas, Lighuania. There is also a mail address that can be used to contact the company. It is: support@tvidler.com. Furthermore, an international telephone number has been set up, which is: +1 (205)782-8551. The website through which the ear cleaner can be ordered has the following URL: https://get-tvidler.com *


General information on the subject of ear cleaners

Anyone who has ever wanted to clean their ears properly will also know the problems that go hand in hand with this. Many tools penetrate far too deeply into the ears, so that there is a risk of damaging the eardrum or pushing the earwax even deeper into the ear canal than is already the case. Toilet paper, cotton buds or other tools usually do not help here, because the head is also bigger than the rest of the tool at the beginning. However, the Tvidler remedies this by having a fine tip and then a spiral. If the ear cleaner is now inserted into the ears, it can be turned. The earwax then gets caught in the spirals and can be easily pulled out.
At the same time, the tool never penetrates deeper than the point where the tip ends. The handle is much too wide to reach further into the ear canal. Therefore, one is very safe with the use of the ear cleaner and cannot actually injure oneself. Its versatility for men, women and even children makes it an indispensable tool for personal hygiene, so that you no longer want to do without it.
Known FAQ about this product
In this last section, we would like to clarify any final questions that may have arisen while reading. We would like to give you the opportunity to find out even more about the Tvidler and provide you with a complete information package that will help you make your decision.
Can the development of earwax be influenced by means of the Tvidler?

If you use the ear cleaner regularly, less and less earwax will accumulate in your ears over time. Accordingly, you can answer this question with "Yes! Because the development of wax in the ear definitely decreases.
Is a return possible?
The Tvidler can also be returned without any problems if you are not satisfied with the ear cleaner. Keep in mind, however, that it should be in its original packaging and only then will you get your money back.
Can the Tvidler really be used with children?

Definitely yes, but you should take the necessary care when using it to remove earwax. Since the ear canal of children is a little shorter, you just have to be a little more careful here. In general, however, the use of the Tvidler is not a problem here.
Are there any shipping costs?

When ordering from Tvidler, you normally have to pay shipping costs of about five euros. Only when taking advantage of some offers can it happen that no shipping costs are incurred at all. In this case, however, it is clearly stated in the offer.


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