Cancellation Request
This form is to be completed only if you wish to cancel your active reservation.

All travelers who submitted a deposit must submit a cancellation form.
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  • (Ex: Apple, Funjet, Walt Disney Travel Co., etc.)
  • You will be responsible for the cancellation fee of $50 PER traveler.
  • Travel advisors' positions are strictly based on a small commission earned after a client travels. To operate a business, travel advisors invest time, money, and resources. Travel advisors are devoted to you and your trip starting from the time you inquire about your trip until you return home. By charging a cancellation fee, we can sustain our business, earn a small income, and feel time spent on your vacation was valued. We appreciate your support of my small business and our dream job!
  • By submitting this form and payment, I am authorizing Starlight2Travel to CANCEL my reservation.

    Agency service and cancellation fees are non-refundable and are separate from the cost of my trip. I/we are also aware of any cancellation policies and agree not to dispute or attempt to chargeback any of the above acknowledged charges.

    I acknowledge the travel supplier's cancellation fee penalties as outlined and previously agreed to from the travel supplier(s) and the terms for reimbursement by the travel protection company (if previously accepted).

    The cancellation payment I am submitting in this form is for Starlight2Travel Inc's services in booking and cancelling my reservation.

    I understand that Starlight2Travel, Inc. is not responsible for providing refunds for my cancelled booking(s). The travel supplier will issue a refund within their outlined policies.

    Upon cancellation, Starlight2Travel, Inc. will be notified of what those terms are. The refund will be issued to the original form of payment.

    As unprecedented circumstances may arise, refunds may be delayed. Starlight2Travel, Inc will work with travel suppliers until you have received your refund.
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  • This information contained in this document will only be used for your travel arrangement made by Starlight2Travel, Inc.