Agency Service Charge
By completing this form and payment, you're submitting to plan a trip with Starlight2Travel, Inc.

This charge devotes our time to you, trip research, creating proposals, and the tools that help us perform these tasks.

This charge is non-refundable and separate from your trip deposit and trip payments.
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  • Starlight2Travel, Inc. offers complimentary travel consultations to clients who are interested in booking their travel arrangements with us. After the consultation and prior to sending trip proposals, we ask that you pay our $100 Agency Research Service Charge through PayPal. This charge covers our time invested in trip research, quoting, creating proposals, and the tools that help me perform these tasks. This is separate from your trip deposit and trip payments.

    Travel Advisors' positions are strictly based on a small commission earned after a client travels.

    To operate a business, travel advisors invest time, money, and resources. Travel Advisors are devoted to you and your trip starting from the time you inquire about your trip until you return home. By charging a service fee, I can sustain my business, earn a small income, and feel valued for my time. I appreciate your support for my small business and my dream job!

    By submitting my payment of $100.00 to Starlight2Travel, Inc. I understand that submitting this payment will not deposit or pay any monies toward my booking.

    Fees are Non-Refundable and are separate from the cost of your trip.

    I/we agree not to dispute or attempt to chargeback any of the above acknowledged charges.

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