VACATION PLANNING SERVICE: In order to perform the professional services required to design and arrange your travel request, a deposit is required. The deposit of $50 for 1-4 people is non-refundable, but 100% is applied to your final balance when you book with sublimeXcursions LLC as a client. Vacation planning involves a great deal of time. Our work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. We research cruises, hotels, tours and activities to meet your specific needs, contact suppliers, coordinate transportation, draft itineraries and more that give travelers peace of mind and tremendous time savings.

Once sublimeXcursions LLC has constructed your itinerary, you are free to shop it on the Internet, or wherever you would like. If you choose not to book through sublimeXcursions LLC for any reason (decided not to go, booked elsewhere, was just shopping, etc.), then the Plan to Go Deposit will be retained by sublimeXcursions LLC as payment for services rendered. This plan to go fee is valid for 30 days. Otherwise, we will consider the request cancelled. If you reconvene anytime thereafter, a new Plan to Go fee will be due.


Once we have collected your Plan to Go fee, had our initial conference and begun the process of designing your travel plans, we will charge $50 for any additional requests, changes, alterations, cancellations, etc initiated by you per incident. We do our best to listen and communicate your needs thoroughly during the initial consultation to minimize the need for changes. However, we understand your needs may change or dates may need altered, etc. Please note: We will not charge you for changes not initiated by you such as changes initiated by sublimeXcursions LLC, suppliers, or force majeure. CHANGE/CANCELLATION fees are NOT refundable.

JUST SHOPPING?: If you want us to research a trip you want to book yourself or you are only shopping and want us to research options for you, then we will charge our $35 per hour research fee (1 hour minimum) for your request instead of a Plan To Go Deposit. If you later decide to book with us, a Plan to Go Deposit will be necessary.

CELEBRATION VACATIONS: Is this a group? Learn about our Celebration Travel Planning Services. Travel Event Planning services start at $250 for up to 49 persons. As professional concierges, the services that are provided go beyond just travel… it’s travel and lifestyle management to design events around life’s most precious occasions.

By signing the authorization & disclosure form or submitting a registration and/or credit card authorization form, you are hereby agreeing to this Client Agreement and its terms listed herein:

1) The authorization & disclosure is not considered complete until this form is executed by you. Suppliers/vendors have their own policies you must also adhere to.

2) Once you have completed and submitted this agreement you will be directed to the website where you can select "pay now". You are required to pay the necessary fees.

3) We will not commence any planning until the Plan To Go fee has been paid and we will not continue any planning if research fees are due.

4) Your quotes/proposals/itineraries cannot be released until this form is executed and returned.

5) I agree with the above terms and conditions and engage sublimeXcursions LLC to research my vacation plans.

6) I agree that if I decide not to continue with the vacation or I book it with another agency or on my own, that sublimeXcursions LLC will be entitled to retain the Plan to Go Deposit as remuneration for efforts made on my behalf.

7) Furthermore, I understand a change/cancellation fee will be charged should I initiate any changes of any nature.
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