Organic Lawn Service
Venus, Texas 76084
Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-7:00pm
Sat 10:am-2:00pm
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  • Service includes one foliar spray of OrganicSoil & OrganicLawn. One trip. We travel up to 70 miles from Venus, Texas to service.

    OrganicSoil creates 100% fertile soil in a month or less! One application last through a season!

    OrganicLawn enhances grass leaves also releases energy for growth to your existing lawn grass!.

    Transforms lawns from chemical or dead soils to alive and organic!

    Note: Or do it yourself, order our products online! Save$$ ! Or use our pre-mix price for your lawn size.

    Note: For your DIY summer season application, figure your lawn size and order the OrganicSoil and the OrganicLawn these two products can be mixed together and applied or can be applied separately.
  • Click DIY image to go to our pre-mix lawn size price and ordering!