Titan RX Fescue (100% Shaded Areas)
Note: Choose your square footage. Price will display at the bottom. Once you get on schedule, you will receive a copy of your quote with a service order# sent to your email. Plant time Oct 15- Feb 1st
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  • A $15-$50 added to total depending on location. An additional $25 may be added if location is 80-100 miles one way. If service is out of range we will let you know. Water will need to be available for Sure Green to fill tank(s) to do the job. Water faucets or other source. To be planted Oct 15th- Feb 1-7(first week)
  • If your square footage is over square footage selected. Then the price below is a estimated price. If square foot selection is the same as your actual square footage, then price remains the same. If square footage is over acre we will send you a quote.
  • If you are satisfied with your quote and would like to get on our schedule, click "Get On Our Schedule" Thank You!
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