Changes and Cancellation Form
I authorize Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC to proceed with the change or cancellation of my trip below.

I do understand that fees may be incurred by this cancellation from the Supplier AND Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC.

Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC charges $50.00 per traveler change and cancellation fee. These terms were outlined in the Terms & Conditions that was agreed to initially AND must be paid prior to change or cancellation.
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  • Changes

  • Cancellations

  • Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC will not be responsible for notifying other traveler(s) of cancellations between the travelling group.
  • Authorization

  • Please note: Each adult roommate must submit their own cancellation request if they paid their own deposit and/or made a payment towards the booking. Each roommate will be required to pay a $50.00 cancellation fee directly to Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC. This payment is separate from any amounts paid for the payments made to any travel supplier(s). Rates for the remaining roommates will be adjusted to reflect the number of guest(s) remaining in the room. If there is a rate difference due the cancellation, the remaining guest(s) on the reservation will be responsible for the balance. If the roommate wishes to pay the cancellation fee for another roommate you may do so by adding it to this cancellation request.
  • I was informed of the change/cancellation policies prior to booking with Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC. I understand I will be charged $50.00 per traveler prior to the change/cancellation being processed with our preferred travel suppliers. These fees are to be paid directly to Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC through PayPal. You will be directed to pay after submitting this form. These fees are not associated with the travel suppliers. Terms and conditions with your travel supplier(s) may still apply.
  • I acknowledge that all the information I am submitting is correct. By submitting this form, I am giving authorization for Travel Getaways by Connie to change or cancel my reservation upon receipt of the designated fee. I also acknowledge any penalties as outlined and previously agreed to from the travel supplier(s) and the terms for reimbursement by the travel protection company (if previously secured). I understand that Travel Getaways by Connie is not responsible for providing refunds for my booking(s). The travel supplier will issue a refund within their outlined policies and estimated times. Upon cancellation, we will be notified of what those terms are. The refund will be issued to the original form of payment only. As unprecedented circumstances may arise, refunds may be delayed. Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC will work with travel suppliers until you have received your refund.