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Product Name : VivaSlim

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You must be wondering what helps others to lose weight quickly when you find it difficult to do the same. You may be at the end of your worries as Simple Promise claims to have developed a remarkable product named VivaSlim to help you reach your weight-loss objectives. The fact is that not all supplements can treat the underlying causes of fat accumulation in the body.

Being obese may cause you to be depressed, and studies have linked several medical problems to obesity. Aging, hormonal imbalances, a poor metabolic rate, poor eating habits, or other imbalances in the body may all be caused by obesity. The approach to dealing with such an issue should be dealing with the source of the problem. Simple Promise’s VivaSlim is one such product that claims to address the body’s root cause of fat accumulation.

What is VivaSlim?

VivaSlim is a 100% natural treatment that uses powerful natural ingredients to aids in the effecting burning of fat in the body. It is a nutritional supplement that helps users lose weight by targeting the underlying cause of fat accumulation which is the shortage of adiponectin in the body. It is this shortage that leads to abdominal fat accumulation. This product is available in liquid form. It is administered using a dropper, making it effective and easy to use since the body readily assimilates it. Made with 11 herbal extracts and amino acids, VivaSlim may effectively burn stubborn fat and improve your overall health. 

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The manufacturer of this supplement claims it is based on the knowledge of native tribes from Africa’s rainforest. VivaSlim is produced by Simple Promise, following rigorous safety standards and checks. Simple Promise assures that its formula does not include any harmful toxins or stimulants, which means that the product is entirely safe for consumption. With VivaSlim, users may reach their weight loss objectives without adhering to restricted diets or engaging in strenuous exercise.

How VivaSlim Works

VivaSlim may help people live more healthy in general by suppressing hunger, increasing the body’s metabolism rate, and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

To provide these proposed benefits, VivaSlim makes use of substances that are often present in various weight reduction products, such as African mango extract, Astragalus, Rhodiola, and different essential Amino Acids.

In addition to suppressing your hunger, these substances have other beneficial effects. The manufacturer hints that its product triggers the burning of fat cells.

VivaSlim’s approach to weight loss is to increase the production of adiponectin, which helps your body burn fat.

According to the manufacturer, fat cells, also known as Adipocytes, are targeted by VivaSlim. The product triggers their switch to discharge mode, thus addressing the underlying cause of fat accumulation in the belly region.

Ingredients in VivaSlim

African Mango Extract

According to the manufacturer, African mango extract may potentially aid with weight loss, cholesterol control, and diabetes management by controlling blood sugar levels and increasing insulin levels. Because the recipe is labeled “African Mango Complex,” it may mean that Africa mango extract makes up a substantial part of VivaSlim’s composition.


According to some sources, L-ornithine may cleanse the body while also preserving lean muscle mass. A person’s natural fat-burning capacity increases in direct proportion to their amount of lean muscle mass. L-ornithine is an ingredient that is popular in supplements used by both bodybuilders and people trying to lose weight. The compound is also known to improve sleep quality.

L-ornithine is an amino acid. It is an essential compound needed for the synthesis of protein and the generation of energy, among other functions.

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L-carnitine is a chemical that is mostly used in combination with L-ornithine. Weight reduction and improved cognitive function are said to be achievable with the usage of this amino acid. It plays a valuable role in energy generation since it facilitates the body’s burning of fat for energy generation.


L-Arginine is another amino acid in VivaSlim. According to the manufacturer, this ingredient may promote weight loss and the burning of belly fat.


It is believed that L-glutamine, similar to its cousin L-arginine, may contribute to substantial weight reduction and improved insulin control.Apart from these advantages, Simple Promise says that the L-glutamine in its product may positively improve immunity and digestive health.


Beta-Alanine is a widely used element in many products marketed as sports performance enhancers. It is an amino acid that improves energy levels. It is also known to provide the body with the nutrients required to develop lean muscular mass.

Benefits of VivaSlim

VivaSlim may help weight loss by making the waist, thighs, tummy, and arms slimmer.

  • VivaSlim is a weight loss option that does not require dietary limitations or excessive exercising for it to work.

  • The supplement may aid in the removal of obstinate body fat from the user’s body.

  • This dietary supplement may help to reduce cravings while also preventing fat buildup.

  • VivaSlim may provide its users with a burst of energy by organically boosting the rate of metabolism and increasing the body’s fat-burning capabilities.

  • The dietary supplement may help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and also improve mood and memory.

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  • With VivaSlim, users may get to manage anxiety, stress, and depression more effectively.

  • VivaSlim may result in a flatter stomach while also making users feeling lighter and more energized.

  • The manufacturer boasts that its product has been very well-designed to ensure efficacy, safety, and ease of use.

  • The manufacturer claims that this is a 100% natural blend, and there are no side effects to worry about.

VivaSlim Pricing and Moneyback Guarantee

VivaSlim is available for purchase on the official website at a rate of $49 per bottle. The price may drop to as low as $31 when buying six bottles.

VivaSlim is available for purchase in the following bundle:

  • One bottle: $49

  • Three bottles: $117

  • Six bottles: $186


VivaSlim is a dietary supplement that may aid in the loss of weight in its users. Components of the product include African mango extract and other organic extracts, which work together to curb cravings, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and promote weight reduction.

VivaSlim may potentially aid in weight reduction. It may assist you in losing weight if combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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