Pop Warner Nationals Routine Review Form
    The YCADA Rules & Scoring team will review the video you submit in its entirety for legality violations. If your routine review analysis comes back with zero legality violations that guarantees the routine is violation-free.

    EXCEPTION: This does NOT include time limit violations, inappropriate choreography or music violations.

    If the team performs the routine/skill the same way at Pop Warner Nationals, then the routine review analysis supersedes all other rulings and NO deduction will be given at Pop Warner Nationals.

    COST: $25 per Routine Review Submission

    DEADLINE: Dec 1, 2022 (ALL REGIONS) - Submit by 11:59pm PST

    Any changes/additions to single skills after routine review submission can be submitted via the ASK A RULES QUESTION FORM. Anything more (i.e. section overhauls) will need to be submitted again via the Routine Review process.

    REQUIRED: You must make payment on the following page after submitting this form in order for us to receive and start your routine review.

  • (This must be accurate in order for you to receive a response)

  • Most videos are very large so we highly recommend uploading it to YouTube or DropBox and sharing the link to it here.

    For YouTube:
    1) Create/Sign into your account.
    2) In the top right, click on the camera + icon to upload a new video.
    3) Change the dropdown setting to "Unlisted" (do not choose Private or we can't access it).
    4) Once it's done uploading, copy the YouTube link it provides and paste it above.

    For DropBox:
    1) Create/sign into your account.
    2) Upload your video if you haven't done so yet.
    3) Once complete, hover over the video title and click on the three dots
    4) Choose "Share".
    5) At the bottom of the popup window, choose "Create a Link", copy it and paste it above.
  • The YCADA Rules Judge will enter their ruling here in this section. You will receive a final email showing your form submission with this section completed.

    Please verify that your email is correct before submitting this form. We will not be able to send a final routine review analysis to email addresses that are incorrect.

    PAYMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED on the following page or your request will not be received and/or reviewed.