Holiday Camp Signup - Easter Break + PD Day
Cost per day is $35/day. If you are using online registration, you will be required to pay online (No Paypal Account required).

PLEASE SEND A LUNCH EACH DAY WITH YOUR CHILD EXCEPT FOR Monday (Chuck E Cheese Day). Snacks will be provided.

*Please fill out one form PER CHILD.

Good Friday, April 14 - NO HOLIDAY CAMP PROVIDED
Monday, April 17 - Chuck E. Cheese (lunch included)
Tuesday, April 18 - Movie (Spark)
Wednesday, April 19 - Park and Picnic
Thursday, April 20 - Area 51
Friday, April 21 - Bluebonnet Swamp
Monday, April 24 - Bowling

Don't forget to bring a lunch each day but April 17 at Chuck E's!