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Events and Fairs Listing for Markets and Community's Website
  • Why List with Markets and Community

    Markets and Community have a comprehensive website that lists and promote markets, events, stallholders and online businesses.

    The website is SEO friendly and usually 90% of our listings hit google within the first week of the listing going up.

    Markets and Community's vision is to list all events including community events no matter how large or small they are. We work closely with the organisers to help promote their events as much as possible.

    This form is designed to list your event and give us plenty of details about the event so that we can ensure that the correct information and links go on the website and social media.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via email on
  • Give us as much details including any entertainment, food, donations towards charities etc.
  • Only applicable to paid event listings.
  • We can only promote on instagram if you have a high quality flyer.
  • Listing Charges

    The listings have been categorised as follows:

    Free Listings - Includes a listing only on the website.

    All other Listings - Includes a comprehensive listing on the website. Image/flyer of the event will be published on Pinterest and Facebook. A post will go on social media as soon as the listing is up and also another post will go up on the week of the event.
    Any stallholder requirements will also be posted on social media and our newsletter.

    The event will be featured on our newsletter that goes to the public and businesses.

    Unlimited listings are for businesses and organisations that run a number of events a year and can be combined with markets listing.
  • All prices include GST.
  • Please list your requirements for stallholders. Eg: Candles, insurance required.
  • Email images to
  • Contact Details of Market/Event Organiser

    Please fill in your contact details for our records
  • If it is different to your event email
  • We have a B2B and B2C newsletter, the B2C will go our monthly and B2B will go out every 2 months.
  • Terms and Conditions
    • The information filled out above will be used on the website
    • Our aim is to have a large number of events listed in our website along with the market listings so that there will be more exposure to the various events taking place.
    • There are 3 different packages to list your event, the basic package is free to give all event organisers the opportunity to list their events. An invoice will be sent to the organisers that choose the paid packages.
    • The information you provide us will be used on our website, blogs, newsletters, Facebook, twitter and other social media.
    • We can proudly say that we have close relationships with the event organisers, if you need help in giving your event a boost we will gladly help you where we can.
    • It is in our interest to promote our website by promoting the markets and events.

    I agree to the terms and conditions above please type in your full name.

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Email: if you have any questions.