Visual Walk-Through G2 logic stripped
Residential Version
  • Yes No N/A
    *Interior of oven clean / recovered
    Range hood de-greased top/under
    *Flat top or eyes complete cleaned
    *Eyes pulled with treys & cleaned
    *Under eye treys cleaned
    *All racks pulled & cleaned
    *Bottom drawer(s) pulled & cleaned
    *Area under bottom drawers cleaned
    Displays/knobs cleaned
  • Yes No N/A
    All steps in diagram above complete
  • Yes No N/A
    *Inside - all four walls cleaned
    Under/Top/behind microwave cleaned
    *Glass trey removed & cleaned
    *Rails under trey cleaned
  • Yes No N/A
    *All steps in above diagram complete
    Front panel and handle cleaned
    Bottom / underside cleaned
  • Yes No N/A
    All steps in above diagram complete
    Back splash cleaned
    *Hinges wiped
  • Yes No N/A
    All steps in above diagram followed
    Wipe down knobs/faucet
    Scrub drain ring clean
  • Yes No N/A
    Floors swept & mopped corner to corner
    Floors not sticky when dry
    No visible residue remains
  • Yes No N/A
    *Cleaned doors & door frames?
    All steps in above diagrams complete?
    Behind toilet/along edges clean?
    Counter surfaces clean/grit free?
    Sinks/chrome/porcelain dry & hair free?
  • Yes No N/A
    *Light switches wiped?
    *Make Bed
    *Window Sills / Blinds Dusted?
    Ceiling Fan/lights dusted?
    Floor Cleaned Corner To Corner?
    Furniture/Fixtures Dusted?
  • Yes No N/A
    * Switches wiped down?
    *All steps in diagrams above complete?
    *Blinds cleaned?
    *Sills/ledges dust free?
    Carpet vacuumed?
    Ceilings dust/cobweb free?
    Floors streak & sticky free?
    Inside windows streak free?
    Laundry room dusted/cleaned/mopped?