Spring 2022 Add/Change Meal Plan Form
The meal plan you signed up for in Fall 2021 was automatically added to your account for Spring 2022.

Please complete the following form to make any additions or changes to your meal plan account for Spring 2022.

Please Note:

All leftover flex from Fall 2021 will rollover to Spring 2022. However, remaining flex leftover at the end of the school year will disappear. No refunds are given for leftover flex except in the case of Student Withdrawal. The timeline for partial refunds can be found in the FAQ section on our website https://www.regis.edu/life-at-regis/campus-life/dining.

Registration for Spring 2022 meal plans will close on the first Friday of classes by 5:00 PM. After this deadline, meal plans cannot be lowered or cancelled. Meal plans can be increased at any point during the semester.

If you wish to add flex to your account, please email cwillis@regis.edu with the amount you would like added and your Student ID #.

Please understand that a maintenance fee is assigned to each meal plan to help support and maintain the dining facilities. This maintenance fee is nonrefundable after the Meal Plan deadline. Furthermore, all leftover flex at the end of each academic year is put back into the upkeep and support of our dining facilities.

Meal Plan A: Charge ($2,924.00), Spending Power ($2,510.00)
Meal Plan B: Charge ($2,510.00), Spending Power ($2,044.00)
Meal Plan C: Charge ($1,940.50), Spending Power ($1,656.00)
Meal Plan D: Charge ($388.00), Spending Power ($362.00)
Meal Plan E: Charge ($310.50), Spending Power ($259.00)

Meal Plan Requirements:

All Freshmen and Sophomores living on campus are required to have either Meal Plan A or Meal Plan B each semester.

All other residential students are required to have a meal plan (at least Meal Plan E) each semester.

If a student is not currently signed up for a meal plan but is registered for housing, the minimum required meal plan will be automatically added to each residential student's account. Completion of this form by the deadline is the only way in which to update your account.

Meal plan exemptions will only be granted in the case of severe allergies/food restrictions. In order to apply for an exemption, please email Eric Foster at Eric.Foster@cafebonappetit.com and cc Claiborne Willis at cwillis@regis.edu to set up a meeting. A doctor's note must be provided. All exemptions must be applied for each semester and must be completed before the meal plan deadline (i.e. by 5 PM the first Friday of the semester).

For any questions or concerns regarding meal plans, please email Claiborne Willis at cwillis@regis.edu.