Troop/Group Travel Application
This form is to be filled out by the troop/group volunteer as the first step of travel planning. Please refer to Troop/Group Travel Guidelines for progression, steps, and procedures including timeline and application deadlines. Submit this application to your Service Unit Manager for approval.

To obtain authorization from your Service Unit on the online form, please select "Save and Resume later" below. This will redirect you to a page with a unique link that you can copy and paste to send to your Service Unit Manager. Your Service Unit Manager will submit the approved application to GSOC Headquarters for review.

Questions? Contact Customer Care.
  • I have read the Troop/Group Travel Guidelines and reviewed the Appendix for Travel Volunteers in Volunteer Essentials and the Girl Scouts of Orange County Policies and Standards for Travel Progression and Girl Led Planning.
  • Trip Basics

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  • Transportation

    Please list the type of transportation that your troop/group will use for your trip. Remember that vehicles that carry more than 9 passengers (including the driver) may not be used to transport girls or volunteers, unless operated by a charter transportation company who has a Certificate of Liability on file with GSOC. Any troop/group seeking charter transportation must submit the charter agreement to GSOC 4 weeks before departure; this agreement will need to be signed by the GSOC CEO or their designee.( Policies and Standards, Troop Trips/Travel)
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  • Troop/Group Training

    Level Specific Training, Travel Training, CPR/First Aid Certification, and Indoor Overnight Adventures are all required for any trip/ Troop Tent Camping is required if your troop/group will be camping, Outdoor Cooking is required if your troop/group will be cooking outdoors, and a Certified Lifeguard us required if your troop/group will be swimming without a lifeguard on duty.
  • Name of Trained Volunteer Date Completed or Date of Certification Expiration (Month/Year)
    Travel Training
    Level Specific Training
    CPR/First Aid Certification
    Level II First Aid/CPR (International and /or 30 min away from emergency response
    Indoor Overnight Adventures
    Troop Tent Camping (only if troop/group will be camping)
    Outdoor Cooking (only if troop/group will be camping)
    Certified Lifeguard (only if troop/group will be swimming without a lifeguard on duty)
  • Trip Planning and Progression

  • Money-Earning Projects

    All Money-Earning Projects must be approved. If you plan to net under $250, you need the approval of your Service Unit Manger. If you plan to net $250 or more, you must obtain GSOC staff approval. Requests must be filed 3 months in advance. Please submit the Money-Earning Project Application to the GSOC Troop Support Department.
  • Trip Activities

  • Please check all that apply.
  • Please list other activities here.
  • If participating in any of the activities about, a High Adventure Application must be filled out and turned in 4-8 weeks before your departure. This form can be found in the Forms and Docs section of the GSOC website.
  • Trip Budget

  • How are you getting there?

    List different methods for transportation with the price per person.
  • Methods of Transportation Cost per Person
  • Where are you staying?

    List all of the places of where you are planning to stay.
  • Where are you staying? Total Cost Number of People Cost per Person
  • Hungry?

    How much will each person will spend each day on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. A good estimate for a trip to a city is $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, $20 for dinner and $5 for a snack.
  • Cost Per Person Number of Days Total Cost per Person
  • What do you want to do?

    Do you want to visit a museum? Go on a tour? Most of these activities have an entrance fee. List the cost for each of the activities.
  • Activity Name Cost
  • Upload your list of activities here.
  • What else do we need?

    Does your trip require special equipment or supplemental insurance? List here.
  • Name Cost
  • Adding the costs

  • How are you going to pay for this?

    There are options for earning money to fund your activities. Participating in the Fall Product Sale, Cookie Sales, or Money-Earning Activities are a few of the ways to earn.
  • Service Unit Manager Use:

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