Volunteer Authors Needed
Please submit your name, company, and email if you are willing to serve as a volunteer author for chapter updates to our Life, Accident and Health / Fraternal Accounting book.
  • About the Opportunity

    Volunteer authors needed to update IASA’s Life, Accident and Health / Fraternal Accounting book. We're looking for those with expertise to review and update the following chapters:

    - Real Estate Investments
    - Mortgage Loans
    - Policy and claim reserves for life/annuity/deposit-type products
    - Liabilities for Other Policy Amounts (Policy & Claim Reserve Liabilities are handled separately)
    - Revenues
    - Benefits
    - Expenses
    - Separate Accounts
    - Treasury Management
    - Federal Income Taxation
    - Risk-Based Capital
    - Mergers and Acquisitions, Consolidations and Holding Companies

    The book was last published “as of 2017” and needs to be updated through the current date. Previous material will be furnished for use. Authors must be able to finish the chapter updating by the end of September 2022.