Bulk Order Form
The maximum total file size for document uploads is 20MB, if your total service document sizes are more than 20MB, please complete this order form (for each person being served)and DO NOT UPLOAD THE DOCUMENTS and we will reply to your order and request the documents by direct email.
  • If the LAW allows for substitute service, please do not list personal service as a preference because this will defiantly delay the service. ****Please make sure to select the correct AGE for the LAW in the state where the case is filed, we will instruct our server accordingly.
  • If we do not have service completed by the date you list here we will NON EST the service on this date, please do not list your preferred date. ****If there is no deadline date, please type ROUTINE here instead.

  • Please scan each service set in PDF format as "ONE COMPLETE SET" and attach (1) file per person being served.