San Diego Mesa College Club Registration Form
Complete and submit this form to register a student group at San Diego Mesa College. This form may be submitted in either the Fall or Spring Semester. See the San Diego Mesa College website for more information on club registration deadlines.

This form is designed to be filled out and submitted by the club's president, but any of the club's officers and even the advisor may also submit it. Please note that club members other than the president and officers should not submit this form.

All club documents can be found by visiting the following web address:

For assistance, please contact Sr. SSA Courtney Lee in the Mesa College Student Affairs Office by phone (619-388-2699), by email (, or by visiting Room I4-408 in the Student Services Building, I-400.
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Club Info and Members
Advisors and Authorizations
  • Club Info

    The basic descriptive information on the club, such as name, general email, website address and any other contact information.
  • This should be the full and official name of your club, which will appear on official documentation related to your group (e.g. The Mesa College Gardening Enthusiasts Club versus the Gardening Club).
  • If your club does not have a general email address then we will use the email address of your faculty or staff advisor for official communications.
  • Your mission statement clarifies the essence of club existence. It describes the needs the club was created to fill, explains why the organization exists, and what it hopes to achieve in the future. It articulates the organization's essential nature, its values, and its work.
  • Club Officers

    List the primary officers of the club here. We encourage all clubs to have at least four active officers, including the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer; only the club President is required to register the club, however.
  • Club Members

    Please provide us with a complete list of this club's members, not including the officers listed above. You should be prepared to update this list on a continuing basis, which after the submission of this club registration can be done via email to:
    Sr. SSA Courtney Lee (
  • Be sure to include your club name in the document!

    Your club list should be uploaded in one of the following file formats:
    -- an MS Word document (DOC or DOCX)
    -- an Adobe Acrobat document (PDF)
    -- an Excel spreadsheet (XLS)

    Failure to submit a club membership list in one of the above file formats will result in this registration form being considered incomplete until a list in one of the approved formats is submitted to Courtney Lee (
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