RTE Training Request Form
*** ATTENTION PROFESSIONAL EXCAVATOR: Please READ prior to submitting your Training Request Form ***

Currently, training appointments for the Remote Ticket Entry application are being scheduled at least TWO MONTHS out. However, other NC811 applications, which can be used immediately with no 2-3 hour training required are available to the professional excavators, see below.

If you call in fewer than 50 locate requests per month, please consider using our Single Address Ticket (SAT) app. This app allows single address locates to be done with NO training. The SAT page can be found at, URL: https://nc811.org/single-address-ticket/

To update locate tickets less than 15 calendar days old; please consider using our Update Lite app. This app allows updates to be done with NO training. The Update Lite page can be found at, URL: https://nc811.org/update-lite/.

To cancel, request a 3-Hour notice, or request a Destroyed Marks notice for an existing locate request, please consider using our Revise a Ticket app. The app allows cancellations, 3-Hour notices, and Destroyed Marks notices to be done for existing locate request with NO training. The Revise page can be found at, URL: https://nc811.org/ticket-revision/

Prior to completing the 2-3 hour training session for the RTE app, the professional excavators must call their request for locates by dialing 811 (within NC) or 1-800-632-4949.

Thank you,
Remote Ticket Entry
  • Example: ABC, LLC

  • - -
    Example: 336-316-0359 (Direct)
  • Example: Rtehelp@nc811.org
  • Example: 3 weeks, 2 months, Spring of next year
  • Example: 75-100 new tickets
    Note: The RTE application is designed for professional excavators consistently requesting 50 + NEW tickets per month.

  • Example: 3-Hour, Cancel, New, Retransmits, Updates

  • Note: UL, SAT, and Revise do not require training. To access the FREE applications, visit www.nc811.org > Apps & Tools.
  • Example: Installing Fiber, Water and Sewer, Landscaping, Bury Electric
  • Example: AT&T, City of Wilson, Homeowner OR Bsn "Name", Halifax EMC