Matching Marketing Grant Application
Chapters or districts who take part in a marketing event, with the intent of recruiting new member names for current chapters or a new extension, may apply for a grant from the MNWT Foundation. The following criteria apply:

1. Grant program is designed as a matching grant reimbursement, up to $250. (Please upload a copy of receipts.)
2. The entire list of potential members (including all contact information) must be sent to the Extensions Director and the Executive Director for review; then reimbursement will occur after names are received. (if the event is in the future, send this to and as an email attachment following the event; if the event has passed, upload the file with this submission.)
3. The application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.
4. Only one (1) chapter/district may apply for funds for the same event.

Use the File Upload field found at the bottom to include the required attachments. Signatures can be done by your mouse, or your finger on a writable screen.

Responses to the online form will be viewed by the State Marketing Vice President, and the MNWT Foundation President by due date. Upon completion of the form, click Submit; you will receive a confirmation screen if your form has been successfully submitted. (rev 2015)
  • Applicant Information

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  • $ .
    Enter zero if these funds are not available to you
  • Event Information

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  • Summarize the event, briefly and concisely
  • Upload a copy of all receipts
  • Provide a brief explanation
  • By signing your name, you attest that all facts contained in this form and any attachments are true.