SLEC Membership Application
Please fill out the information below to update your information and announce your interest in taking a seat on the SLEC.

All Party officers and all members of the State Executive Committee must be Voting Members of the Party. Your residency, voter registration status, and Voting Member status will need to be verified before you can join.
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  • This should be the address on your voter registration card.
  • Enter which county are you registered in.
  • The senate district can be found on your voter registration card.
  • Primary Elections are done by R/D parties. The LP is a Convention Party and does not hold primaries.
  • Voter Unique Identifier from Voter Registration
  • Enter which Texas Senate District you are registered in.
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  • Please provide the best information possible. This usually occurs during a convention.
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    Have you donated to LP Texas in the past 12 months?
    Have you read the LP Texas Platform?
    Have you read the LP Texas Rules?
    Have you served in office or as staff for LP Texas in the past?
    Are you familiar with Robert's Rules?
    Have you attended a SLEC meeting before?
  • If you have any reference contacts from your county or district that support you joining SLEC, please include them here.