Winter 2021 Late Stay/ Early Arrival Request
I understand that campus dining facilities are closed during the that it is my responsibility to find my own meals and that the Office of Housing, Engagement, and Student Life is under no obligation to provide meals during this time.

I understand that while staying on campus during this time I am not permitted to have visitors of any kind (i.e. friends, relatives, classmates, members of organizations) inside the residence hall in which I am staying without the prior approval from the Office of Housing Engagement.

I understand that my access card to the appropriate residence hall will be set to activate based upon the dates I have requested as listed below and that my ID card is not to be given to another student or non-student for any reason.

I understand that the doors to the residence hall in which I am staying are to remain locked at all times and that I am not under any circumstance to prop any door (interior or exterior) in or around the residence hall. In the event of an emergency or if I see suspicious activity of any kind, I am to contact Campus Safety (303-458-4122) and report any suspicious activity.

I agree to abide by all policies and procedures as set forth by the Office of Housing and Student Engagement.

Your Student account will be charged accordingly.

Early Arrival Daily Rate: $40
Boryla Early Arrival Daily Rate: $50

You will also be expected to abide by all terms and conditions in your Housing Contract and the Student Code of Conduct. Failure to do so could result in immediate removal from the residence halls.
  • Student Information

    All early arrival requests must be submitted by Sunday, December 5th. If you have any questions please contact the Housing, Engagement, and Student Life Office at 303.458.4991
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  • Agreement & Confirmation

    Please check to confirm that you agree to follow Regis University policies, the Code of Student Conduct, and all directive issued by local health authorities while remaining on campus.

    Request will be reviewed by Housing Engagement Office and they will be in contact regarding your request.