How to Treat Stone Acne in the Nose
Stone acne is different from other types of zits, these pimples have a painful feeling to the touch, and it is difficult to remove pus in it, because stone pimples form deep in the skin of the face. this time we will describe stone pimples on the nose and how to treat them. Because it is under the surface of the skin, it takes longer to heal than normal acne. the size is usually larger than ordinary zits. Actually, what causes stone acne in the nose to appear? basically, stone pimples arise due to several things, including the ones. maspedia

Because of bacteria
Your nose always has the risk of being exposed to bacteria, for example from your own hands. Hands that are dirty and not cleaned properly when used to wipe the nose, then the bacteria from the hands will move on the nose. If the bacteria gets trapped in the pores of the nose, the bacteria will cause infection. that's what causes stone pimples to appear on your nose. Due to blockage of pores by dead skin cells and impurities In addition to bacteria, dead skin cells or dirt can also cause stone pimples on the nose, this occurs if the face is not cleaned every style

When the pores are blocked, the oil produced by the face cannot come out through the pores, initially only a little but over time will accumulate and grow bigger. if more trapped oil, this is what causes stone acne.

How to treat stone acne on the nose
Actually acne will heal by itself if only 1 fruit, but if you have a lot of zits, or your acne has inflammation that is severe enough then you are recommended to come to a dermatologist or dermatologist. The dermatologist will find out the cause of your acne, then provide treatment according to the symptoms and also the cause. There are several treatments that are usually used by a dermatologist, namely using

Antibiotic drugs
For blemishes that occur because of bacteria, doctors will usually give antibiotics. but remember, antibiotics must be in accordance with a doctor's prescription and should not stop consuming before the drug runs out or with a doctor's instructions. If you stop before the drug runs out, it could be that the bacteria that causes acne on the nose will become stronger and cannot be treated with ordinary antibiotics.

Giving cream or lotion
The cream commonly used for the treatment of stone acne in the nose is that which contains retinoids and vitamin A, the function of retinoids is to maintain beauty, cure acne, overcome black spots due to sunlight. But for pregnant and lactating women, creams or lotions containing retinoic are strictly prohibited. Or it can be used but with instructions from a doctor. If you want to use this cream, make sure you consult a dermatologist first so there are no unwanted things.

Care for Caring for and Preventing Acne from the nose
You can use some of the methods below to treat stone pimples on your nose:

Clean the nose and face
Clean your nose and face regularly. If necessary, you can use facial soap to clean the oil in the pores of your nose and face. This is to prevent the presence of bacteria or dirt that clogs the way out of facial oil.

Avoid some foods that can make acne worse
Some foods that you should avoid are foods made from milk, foods or drinks made from chocolate, and foods that have low fiber. You can consume the food above after the pimples on your nose heal.
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