Payment Notification Form
Proceed only after you have made an order with us.

Make payment via Internet Banking / ATM Transfer before filling up this Payment Notification Form.
Take down the transaction number found on the ATM receipt / Internet banking statement.

Make payment to the same banks which you are paying from. (Example, your POSB to our POSB)
Transfers to different banks will take 3 working days to verify and this will delay the order & delivery of your shoes.

Please provide us with the above details so that we may verify payment and proceed with the delivery of your items.

For any further enquires, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!
Note : Attempts to cheat or fraud will be reported to the banks and the police.
  • * same as the one used to order.
  • * same as the one used to order.
  • * Found on your ATM receipt / Internet Banking statement.
  • $ .
  • / /
  • :
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