Call to Artists: London Arts Live 2023

Program Description:
This unique program of the London Arts Council, London Arts Live provides professional artists with new venues and audiences and offers Londoners new opportunities to engage in and experience the arts. Supported by the Community Arts Investment Program, London Arts Live provides funding to professional artists to perform in designated public spaces across London.

Program Priorities:
- Promote, support, and celebrate London's professional artists
- Offer Londoners accessible opportunities to engage in and experience the arts
- Showcase London's diversity of ethnicity, age, gender, and physical ability within the arts community

Participating artists will be paid at a rate of $60.00/hour.

Participating artists will:
- Be permitted to collect tips during their performance.
- Have the opportunity to hand out business cards or promotional materials during their performance.
- Be showcased on the London Arts Council's website, which will feature a photo and biography.
- Be highlighted on various social media channels.

Applicant Requirements:
- Applicant must be a London resident and a professional artist – emerging, established or veteran.
- Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

Professional Artist:
The London Arts Council defines a professional artist as someone who has developed skills through training or practice, is recognized by artists working in the same artistic tradition, has a history of public presentation, seeks payment for her or his work and actively practices his or her art. Short breaks in artistic work history are allowed.

Selection Criteria:
The Jury will evaluate applicants on their ability to engage and entertain the audience, share their arts expertise, and create a dynamic arts experience. Content must be suitable for the general public.

For inquiries, please contact London Arts Council:
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  • If successfully chosen for the artist roster, this biography will be used for the program website.
  • Photographs are not used for judging purposes. If successfully chosen for the artist roster, this photograph will be used for the program website. Max. 5 MB file size.