TOPP KIDS Family Satisfaction Survey
We hope you enjoy being a part of TOPP KIDS Child Care Centre. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us. Thank you!
  • Very Unsatisfied Unsatisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied
    My child feels safe
    My child feels respected and cared for
    My child participates in activities, or special events
    There is a variety of activities and events to stimulate my child's socialization and growth
    My child enjoys the selection of toys, equipment, and working materials
    My child enjoys room setup
    Overall, my child's quality of life improved upon the enrollment
  • Very Unsatisfied Unsatisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied
    I am treated with respect and courtesy as a family member
    I am informed about the upcoming events on time
    Overall, staff made the initial enrollment positive experience to my family and child
  • Very Unsatisfied Unsatisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied
    Staff promotes socialization, independency, and growth for my child
    Staff is professional
    Staff is approachable
    Staff is knowledgable
    Staff is inclusive
    Staff makes sure that my child receives individualized approach when needed
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