In the section (Description of the current situation), take the time to describe the situation for which you want to prepare personalities of Bach Flowers.

Then check only the statement (s) that describe how you feel in this specific situation in your life. If the list of statements does not describe your current situation well, take the time to write the list of emotions experienced in the section (Description of the current situation). This enumeration will help me prepare your custom blend of Bach Flowers.

Complete the * sections. The information collected in this form will be used to complete your client's file.
  • (For new clients, there is a $10 file opening fee.)
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  • DD = day, MM = month, YYYY =year
    Exemple : 24/02/1975
  • For texting, please tell me which mobile phone number is best for sending you your appointment confirmation.
  • For Interac credit transfer, use the following email:
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