For all DTS graduates (from any nation) considering service with our campus for a minimum of two years. For all persons wanting to serve a shorter season, please see our Volunteer/Mission Builder form instead. Please note that a successfully completed DTS is a pre-requisite for joining our staff team!

In addition to this form, 3 completed Character Reference Forms must be submitted in order to complete your application process!
  • Basic Information

  • May use social media profile. Must be within the past 6months.
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  • Please use format: Kyle, boy, age 7
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    This is to give us an idea of when you would like to plan on arriving to our campus if your application is accepted. You are not locked into this time, it is simply to give us a frame of reference.
  • Service Details

    A little more about your history with missions, and the areas you are interested in serving with.
  • If applicable, please give name of ministry and its location. Otherwise, put "none".
  • Please list some of the areas in which you served in your previous ministry commitment, if applicable.
  • If other, please note that we will discuss this more in the interview.
  • If other, please share the aspects of national ministry that appeal most to you below
  • Focus on natural talents and abilities that might help you to serve
  • Focus on character matters you feel God is highlighting to you.
  • Medical Background

  • If you hold a current insurance policy. Otherwise, put "none".
  • Example: Lactose Intolerance, gluten free, vegetarian
  • Within last 2 years Within last 5 years 5+ years or more Have not had
    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis B
    Hepatitis C
  • Educational Background & Ministry Interests

  • High School, Trade School, University, etc
  • please name the institution where your HIGHEST level of education was completed
  • Write N/A if not applicable
  • If you have a vision statement, we'd love to hear it as well. Please give us examples or practical applications of your vision so we can be on the same page.
  • Home Church & Financial Support

    The "More Comments" box at the bottom of section which gives room to elaborate on any situation/question raised by this form. Please also note that all staff are required to raise their monthly support to cover their housing and utilities and any other living expenses prior to arriving on our campus.
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    If Applicable
  • This group consists of individuals who help with circulating newsletters, are financial partners, intercessors, and who provide pastoral care. This core team stands with the missionary on the field, and is the main resource/support referred to by missionary.This is a requirement before coming to staff with YWAM Jamaica, but will be discussed more in follow up interviews.
  • Contact Information for Reference

    Please fill this information out accurately for all three (3) references. We will email a reference form to each of the people you list below.
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  • Base Director or DTS Leader
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  • In case of Emergency

    Please carefully consider a person willing to fill this role, and someone who is accessible to us if need arises.
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