Tresor Cats
Tresor Cats Kitten Purchase Questionnaire
Complete this form online only if you are seriously interested in purchasing a Siamese or Balinese kitten, or an adult cat, from Tresor Cats. Do not fill out this form unless you have already contacted me via phone, or e-mail, and I have invited you to fill out this kitten purchase questionnaire.
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  • If you choose 'text' please ensure that you have provided a mobile number for me to text you back. My mobile number is coming from a 707 area code.
  • If you rent, please be sure to acquire a permission letter from your landlord to house a kitten/cat.
  • Only mention your spouse/partners occupuation if they will be sharing pet ownership with you as well as financially supporting your kitten/cat.
  • De-Clawing means having the cats claws removed permanently, therefore mutilating it for life! De-Clawing is contractually prohibited by Tresor Cats.
  • You can say yes, or no, or still searching.

    *It is a great idea to pick a veterinarian and make your kittens first vet appointment with your veterinary clinic in advance before your kitten comes home. Most popular vets are booked out for an average of 2 weeks!