Request a Quote (Turkey to Nigeria)
Provide Cargo Detail.. VHI Cargo can Handle your Goods from 40 Countries and deliver to your Door Step- any city, anywhere...You can also pick up your cargo in our Lagos office.
  • Name of the person sending us the cargo.
  • This is how we notify you of receipt and departure.
  • In case you want us to contact the supplier to advise on Packaging, Documentation and Safety techniques. ..Also if you don't know accurate weight/dimension of the cargo.
  • Listed are the services we can render from Tu to Nigeria
  • If you choose door step delivery upon cargo arrival in Nigeria, Please add closest signage / Bus stop to locate you easily
  • If you have a UPS, FedEx or other tracking number please list them with comma if more than one tracking number..
  • This is how we contact receiver upon cargo arrival in Nigeria