Congratulations, we are to the final booking stage of your vacation! I would like to make your vacation hassle free and finalizing accurate paperwork is an essential step. In an effort to ensure proper travel documentation requirements are met and security issues are avoided; please complete the following form fully and accurately. All submitted information is secure, properly protected, and used exclusively for your upcoming reservation. It comes only to me, Jana Huse, via email and then I will input to confirm the reservation.
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    Now that you have arranged your trip, as your professional travel agent I feel that is is my responsibility to recommend travel insurance to protect your investment. Please read and review carefully the separate email providing insurance prices and details so you can make an informed decision concerning this important matter. Ask us or call us with any questions you may have.


    I have been advised of the cancellation penalties for my purchase. I acknowledge receipt of the insurance email and details.

    I understand that travel insurance can protect me from possible loss of money due to supplier bankruptcy/default, unexpected trip cancellation/interruption due to accident, sickness or death, baggage loss, medical expenses, and emergency air transportation costs.

    I understand that I must purchase Travel Insurance immediately to obtain coverage for pre-existing conditions or by final payment for general coverage.

    There are two options for payments. The price quoted is full retail, including credit card fees. if you would like to process via eCheck, we can offer a 3% cash discount.

    To take advantage of the cash discount, please provide banking information.

    I have authorized Jana Huse with Travelooza LLC to charge deposits/trip costs as listed below by processing with the appropriate Supplier to my credit card or bank account as detailed below:

    To use credit card payment, please provide details.

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    The deposit is the amount required to initiate a reservation on your behalf.
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    This is the total remaining balance due. If unsure of the amount, enter 0.00. **If you intend to pay using a different card for final payment, a new credit card authorization form is required to be submitted at least 48 hours before the final payment due date.
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    If we have discussed a payment plan, please indicate the dollar amount you wish to be charged to this credit card every month until the reservation is paid in full. To indicate what day of the month we should process your payment, please provide a date below.

    If you are choosing not to make monthly payments or if you have paid your reservation in full, please enter $0.00 at this time.
  • If you want to make payments but not fixed amounts, please explain what you would like. OR you can just call or email when you would like to make a payment.
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