Annual Meeting Call for Proposals
Be part of a future ASDP Annual Meeting!

Submit a proposal to direct a Short Course, Interactive Microscopy (formerly Consultation in Dermatopathology) or a Seminar.

Proposals must be submitted by Noon Central, Friday, March 1 to be eligible for consideration.

The Program Committee is accepting proposals for the following:
- Two Short Courses,
- Interactive Microscopy (formerly Consultations in Dermatopathology), and
- Dermatopathology Seminars.

Short Course proposals are being accepted for the 62nd Annual Meeting. Short Courses vary in length between 2.5-3.5 hours, with one Short Course scheduled each day of the meeting. All Short Courses will be held in person and require in-person attendance to participate. While proposals are being accepted now for the 2025 Annual Meeting, specific course assignments will be determined in December.

Interactive Microscopy (formerly Consultations in Dermatopathology) and Dermatopathology Seminars are held virtually (online) only. Each session lasts 75 minutes and is limited to 30 attendees. Interactive Microscopy sessions will be held Monday-Wednesday of the Annual Meeting, and Seminars will follow on Thursday.

Questions? Contact Maggie Substalae at
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  • Effective January 1, 2022, the ACCME requires that all relevant financial relationships are mitigated prior to all individuals assuming their roles of influencing an accredited activity.

    The ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence require that we disqualify individuals who refuse to ‎provide this information from involvement in the planning and implementation of accredited continuing ‎education. Thank you for your diligence and assistance

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    Enter the Nature of Financial Relationship: Examples of financial relationships include employee, ‎researcher, consultant, advisor, speaker, independent contractor (including contracted research), royalties or ‎patent beneficiary, executive role, and ownership interest. Individual stocks and stock options should be ‎disclosed; diversified mutual funds do not need to be disclosed. Research funding from ineligible ‎companies should be disclosed by the principal or named investigator even if that individual’s institution ‎receives the research grant and manages the funds

    Has the Relationship Ended? If the financial relationship existed during the last 24 months, but has now ‎ended, state "yes" in the last column. This will help the education staff determine if any mitigation ‎steps need to be taken.‎
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