Small Allocation request
Please use this form to request a small allocation on the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) resources through the Wyoming-NCAR Alliance (NWA).

Please use this form to submit a request for computing services available through for eligible Wyoming researchers and their collaborators (see

This form can be used to request Small Allocations (supported by an externally funded award), Graduate Student/Postdoc/New Faculty Allocations (no supporting award), Data Access Allocations, and Classroom (Instructional) Allocations. These requests do not require formal panel review. Once you submit your request, you should hear from us within a few days. If you do not or if you need to correct or change any information, please contact us at or 307 766-3174.

For requests associated with a funded award, the limit is 400,000 HPC core-hours (data analysis/visualization cluster use is included.) For other requests the limit is 400,000 core hours.

Small projects are established with 200,000 HPC core-hours; once the initial allocation has been consumed, one can request resources up to the allocation limit via email to

Data Access Allocations are designed to permit access to files on GLADE, not for computing access.
  • For classroom requests, please enter information for the course instructor.
  • Professor, Research Scientist, Grad Student, Lecturer, etc.
  • Needed for sending NWSC token.
  • - -
  • Provide a brief, self-contained description of
    the project or course. Requests for more than 50,000 core-hours should give details about numerical experiments. For Data Access requests please describe the data at that you intend to use.
  • You may specify up to 5 additional users to share this allocation. If additional users are needed, please send information to

    For classroom requests, use this form to indicate teaching assistants, but for student accounts send a class roster to

    Include: Name, Institution, Title, Educational Status, Phone, Email and Complete FedEx Mailing Address.