Gran Fondo Road Closure 8 Sept 2024 5:30am-1:30pm
1. This form for seats in shared bus transfers OR private transfer on 8 September 2024 when the Captain Cook Highway is closed between 5:30am and 1:30pm. Private transfer available all day.
2. Shared shuttles departing Port Douglas: 04:00am (Direct to Cairns Airport 1.15 hours) and 11:00am (Inland via Mareeba 2.5 hours approx) and 1:30pm (Direct to Cairns Airport 1.15 hours). No 2pm service this day. We will run 4pm and 5pm normal service - please use standard forms for afternoon bookings.
3. Shared shuttle departing Cairns Airport: 10:30am (Via Mareeba 2.5 hours approx). Passengers arriving at Cairns Airport after 10:00am our regular scheduled bus service recommences at 1:45pm and can be booked on our standard forms.
4. T2 Domestic pick up: Meet your driver with your name on a sign at baggage carousel 3. Drivers arrive 15 minutes before departure.
5. Please book more than 24 hours before travel.
6. All Cairns Airport services commence and terminate at Cairns Airport.
  • Gran Fondo Bike Race 8 September 2024 transfer bookings. If we have no availability we will not charge your card and instead advise options.

    Fields with (*) are compulsory. Please review all fields in this booking form.
  • Please include the mobile number contactable at Cairns airport on the Australian phone network. If number is outside Australia, identify with the country code eg +44
  • Seat In Shared Coach and Private Transfer pricing for Gran Fondo road closure 8 September 2024.


    1 Adult One Way $60
    2 Adults One Way $120
    3 Adults One Way $180
    4 Adults One Way $240

    5 Adults One Way $300
    6 Adults One Way $360
    7 Adults One Way $420
    8 Adults One Way $480

    Children 0 to 15 years: $20 one way
    Child seats: $15 One Way. B = Booster, FFR = front facing restraint, RFR = rear facing restraint


    1-2 pax Hyundai iMax One Way $260
    3-5 pax Hyundai iMax One Way $280
    6-13 pax Toyota HiAce One Way $360
    14-20 pax Toyota Commuter One Way $500
  • Transfer service selection

    Gran Fondo 8 September 2024 only
  • All transfers one way only. Additional cost over our standard fares are to cover extra fuel and driver costs for extra 1.15 hours journey.
  • Private transfers only for all flights schedules to arrive after 6pm. All private transfers between 5:30am and 1:30 pm will go via Mareeba taking 2.5 hours one way.
  • There are three available shared shuttles from Port Douglas, and one available shuttle from Cairns Airport.
  • Transfers during Gran Fondo road closure 8 September 2024 until 1:30pm only. Pleased use our regular forms for transfers after the road reopens at 1:30pm.
  • EG Enter 2 x B, 1 x RFR. Child seats must be booked ahead so we can allocate and install. B = booster, FFR = front facing baby seat, RFR = rear facing baby seat. Passengers may bring their own child seat at no charge.
  • All private transfers between 5:30am and 1:30 pm will go via Mareeba taking 2.5 hours one way. Captain Cook Highway direct route re-opens 1:30pm.
  • Enter your departure or arrival flight number.

    Enter nil if no flight.
  • Time your flight scheduled to arrive OR depart Cairns on 8 September 2024.
  • Only Cairns Airport pick up on 8 September 2024. All Port Douglas services terminate at Cairns Airport.
  • Please select "others" if you cannot find the hotel in this list, and add details in message box below. All Port Douglas services terminate at Cairns Airport.
  • Oversize items are not strollers, prams and wheelchairs.

    Oversize are $20 each one way: golf bag, fishing gear, guitar, bike or bike bag, keyboard piano. Surfboards only allowed on our private transfer service.
  • Prams, wheelchairs and strollers are no charge, but please advise so we can allocate space.
  • Payment

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  • Cancellations less than 24 hours before transfer no refund.

    Cancellation: We offer your choice: 100% credit for 12 months or refund less standard cancel fees. See details

    If we have no availability for your booking we will not charge your card and instead advise options.  
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  • Use for any notes about your booking request.