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  • Quantity
    Meal Hormel Chili with Beans 10oz
    Meal Turkey Dressing Tray 10oz
    Meal Beef Stew 9oz
    Meal Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce Tray 7.5oz
    Meal Beef Steak Tips Bowl 9oz
    Meal EasyMac Original Cups 2.05oz
    Oatmeal Maple Brown SgrExpress 1.69oz
    Soup NE Clam Chowder Chunky 15.25oz
    Soup Beef W Country Veg Chunky 15.25oz
    Soup Chicken Noodle Chunky 15.25oz
    Soup Chicken Noodle 10.75oz
    Soup at Hand Tomato 11.1oz
    Snack Tuna Salad Cracker 3.5oz
    Tuna Cheesy Melt Cracker 3.35oz
    Tuna Rosemary Garlic Cracker 3.35oz
    Cupcake Chocolate 2ct 4oz
    Big Texas Cinn Roll 4oz
    Donut Variety Mini 3.4oz
    Donut Chocolate 3.4oz

  • Quantity
    Entree Lasagna 10.5oz
    Gen Tso Chicken Cafe Steamer 10.3oz
    Entree Meatloaf 9.37oz
    Entree Shrimp Angel Hair Pasta 10oz
    Entree Beef Broccoli 10oz
    Entree Chicken Fried Rice 11oz
    Entree Macaroni Cheese 12oz
    Entree Chicken Fried Rice 9oz
    Chicken Margarita Cafe Steamer 9.5oz
    Hot Pocket Ham Cheese 4oz
    Hot Pocket Pepperoni Pizza 4oz
    Hot Pocket Pizza Pepprni 1/2lb 8oz
    Pizza Pepperoni Traditnl Crust 9.3oz
    Pizza Four Cheese Trditnl Crst 9.2oz
    Burrito Beef Bean 5oz
    Burrito Beef Bean Red Hot 5oz
    Burrito Bean Cheese 5oz
    Burrito Egg Sausage Cheese 4.5oz
    Burrito Steak W/Cheese 5oz
    Breakfst Egg Cheese Jalp 4.5oz
    Egg Sausage Potato Cheese 4.5oz
    Chimichanga Chicken Ch 5oz
    Chimichanga Steak 5oz
    Cheeseburger Charbroil 8.9oz
    Sandwich Country Fried Chicken Cheese 9.2oz
    Cheeseburger Bacon Addict 9.35oz
    Sandwich Sriracha Chicken 8.5oz
    Hot Dog Bubba Twin Chili Cheese 8.5oz
    Sandwich Chic Spicy Cheese 9.2oz
    Sandwich Pork Rack O Ribs BBQ 8.6oz
    Biscuit Double Sausge Cheese 7.1oz
    Hot Dog Beef Jumbo in Bun 4.15oz
    Sandwich Chicken Bacon Montrey Ranch 6.1oz
    hite Castle Cheeseburger 2Pk 3.66oz
    Sandwich Chicken Cordon Bleu 6.6oz
    Cheeseburger Jalapeno 9.7oz
    Sandwich Beef Chopped A1 Sauce 5.55oz
    Sandwich Cheeseburger Chipotle Bacon 6.85oz
    Sandwich Sauage Egg Cheese 2Pk 3.66oz
    Sandwich Sauage Egg Cheese 2Pk 3.66oz
    Wings Chicken Hot Spicy 5oz
    Sandwich Chic Frank Rd Ht Buff 6.35oz
    Sandwich Chsbrgr Jalapeno 6.65oz
    Sandwich Chicken W/Honey Mustard 6.1oz
    Sandwich Honey Mustard Chicken 5.4oz
    Sandwich Jalapeno Charbroil W/Cheese 6oz
    Sandwich Cheeseburger Bacon Jumbo 6oz
    Riblets BBQ Pork Appetizer 5.25oz
    Pierre Grilled Cheese 4.1oz
    Sausage Smoked Cheddar in a Roll 5oz

  • Quantity
    Lunchable Turkey Cheddar Crakr 3.2oz
    Lunchable Ham Cheddar Crakr 3.2oz
    Lunchable Ham Swiss Crakr 3.2oz
    Cheese Cheddar medium .75oz
    String cheese .98oz
    Hard Boiled eggs 3oz
    Cheesewich Salami/Cheddar 2.5oz
    Cheesewich Salami/Colby
    Naked Juice Mighy Mango 15.2oz
    Naked Juice Green Machine 15.2
    Fairlife YUP Milk reg 14oz
    Fairlife YUP Milk Strawberry 14oz
    Fairlife YUP Chocolate 14oz
    Darigold Milk reg 8oz
    Darigold Milk Stawberry 8oz
    Darigold Milk Chocolate 8oz

  • Quantity
    Ice Cream Prem Hmade Vanilla 3oz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Bg Miss Mud 6oz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Vanilla 6oz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Big Neopltn 6oz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Big Bopper 7oz
    Ice Cream King Straw Shortcake 4oz
    Ice Cream Heath Bar 4oz
    Ice Cream Vanilla Cone 4.6oz
    Ice Cream Bar Van Choc Almond 3oz
    Ice Crm Sandwich Tollhouse 6oz
    Ice Cream Bar Snickers Kng Sz 2.8oz
    Ice Cream Twix Bar Kng Sz 3oz