Israel Group Trip Questionnaire
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  • Please note that you need at least 10 people to receive a group rate.
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  • A standard trip is usually 9-12 days, including 2 days of air travel. How many hotels nights would you like your trip to include?
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    Please confirm that your requested dates coordinate well with your ministry/church calendar.

    What to consider when choosing a date:
    *Optimal planning time before a trip is 12 - 15 months.
    *The seasons are typically as follows:

    Winter: Nov - Feb (wet season)
    Spring: Mar - Apr
    Summer: May - Aug (dry season)
    Fall: Sept - Oct
  • Please keep in mind that the following US cities offer direct flights to Israel:

    Los Angeles
    New York
    Washington DC
  • Estimated Air/Land package costs could be $4,800-$5,200 per person. Keeping this in mind, please let us know your potential budget.
  • We recommend using 4 star hotels to ensure quality accommodations at a lower price
  • A farewell dinner allows your group to end their experience with a special meal and time of fellowship.
  • Please note that marking yes will increase the price per person.
  • Please note that depending on how soon you are looking to travel your trip deposit may be needed as early as 5-7 days from the receipt of your quote in order to lock in your group rates.
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  • Many group trip leaders have commented how deeply impacting this time was for their entire group.
  • This is an 8 week study that is available for purchase from and can be used in a Bible study format with optional CD teaching sets.