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    Tell us what you're sending and how it should be handled using these criteria:

    Artist Development: I'm looking for feedback, guidance and direction to build a career in music, but I only have a rough demo, karaoke tape, old recording or similar that I'm submitting;

    Submit to Label: I have a professional recording that I'm sending, but need help, either with better production and packaging, or I need distribution, marketing, radio promotion, etc. to move my music forward and broaden my audience.
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    Before submitting, please read and accept our Submission Policy!
    1. I understand that Lamon Records Corporation (the “Company”) will not review any work without this Release.
    2. I hereby grant the Company and its affiliates the right to evaluate the music submitted here (the “Submission”). I acknowledge that I am (or represent) the sole owner(s) of this work and its copyright and that the so-called "first use" provision does not apply or will not encumber or prohibit the proper licensing of the Submission.
    3. I understand that the Company and its affiliates are exposed to many songs, concepts, stories and other literary materials, via numerous means. I also understand that many songs, stories and ideas may be similar or identical, and that different songs, stories, and concepts frequently relate to one or more common underlying themes and may closely resemble other works. I hereby release the Company and its affiliate from any and all claims, liabilities and demands that may be made asserting that the Company has used or appropriated the Submission, or any portion thereof.
    4. I acknowledge that the Company recommends that I copyright the song submission with the United States Copyright Office. I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to copyright or register the submission and hereby release the Company from any claims that arise from my failure to do so.
    5. I understand that the Company and its affiliates are under no obligation to produce the artist or otherwise use the songs from the submission, and the Company has offered nothing more than to evaluate the submission for such purpose.
    6. I understand that the Company may retain or destroy the submission, and I acknowledge that I possess additional copies of same.
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    We're going GREEN, so if at all possible use the form above to submit your music for our review. However, if you must send us a physical package, first fill out the form, then mail your submission to:

    Attn: Artist Development / Submit to Label
    P.O Box 1907
    Mt Juliet, TN 37121