Statewide Leadership Team Application (New Member)
This form is for inquiring new members
  • The 84 strives to have a team of diverse leaders across different racial and ethnic backgrounds and gender identities. The following questions are completely optional and help us to select a team that is representative of the diverse group of youth in our movement.
  • Questions

    The program operates with regular weekly meetings from September-June. Most meetings occur on Sunday evenings from 7:00-8:00 PM, and Monday evenings whenever there is a Monday holiday. All meetings will be clearly listed on the meeting schedule sent to participants. There will be in-person and more frequent meetings around peak event planning times. During these times, Sunday meetings may extend to 8:30 PM. The following events require mandatory member attendance at the Health Resources in Action office, when it is safe to do so (2 Boylston St., Boston, MA):

    Youth Power Summit In-person meeting- TBD weekend day in October/November

    Youth Power Summit- TBD weekend day in October/November

    Kick Butts Day In-person meeting- TBD weekend day in March/April

    Kick Butts Day- TBD weekday likely in April
  • Please answer the following questions in at least 3-4 sentences each.