'NEED' Help? We can Help you. Fill in (only the questions that apply) with 'Next Step' Enrollment & ask your Facilitation Agent for assistance.
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  • Where will you live after selecting a partner? Where will you reproduce as a planning parent?
  • What do you look for in someone you plan on having commitment & dedication with?
  • Having a secure residence is important. Will you purchase a used house or build 'NEW'? Don't worry abut money. We will provide you what you 'NEED' no matter what your decision.
  • Remember to select a car that is safe for the family & a car that meets your individual 'NEEDS'.
  • Perpetual means forever. You will continue reproducing again & again so insure you continue writing down names as they come in (and tier meaning).
  • Every smart parent manages thier finances. Who will assist you in managing your finances?
  • Enter any details and/or compensation necessary to accommodate your condition and/or situation.
  • If So, How Many? The number helps us to pair you with a 'GOOD' female whom is compatible with you (One whom has never had children and/or a female whom has similar reproductive traits as you).
  • What do you envision in your mind as the perfect scenario for Planning Parenthood? (Growing up, Moving into a House; Connecting with my dream spouse & making love (exercising, staying fit & enjoying 'GOOD', clean healthy living) all day every day, Insuring finances are managed forever & my house is paid for while our expanding family business Helps other partnering families to be 'FREE', Loving & Debt 'FREE' while continuously learning intelligent ways to improve our overall living experience, Etc.
  • You will meet a partner that you select & plan to be with (or your beneficiary). You will have finances, housing, transportation, expenses & anything else you 'NEED' managed. How does it feel?
  • Keep in mind. Planning Parenthood (PP) only mates independent couples whom have no obligation to any other mate with understanding agreement(s), 'TRUST' & obligation to commitment & dedication as documented in each agreement. Mating male(s) or Female(s) whom already have children may have previously been restricted in some region(s). NWO Ordinance Code regulatory guidelines highly regulates such activities & encourages single(s) whom do not have children to experience mating with other singles whom can share a unique & quality experience promoting appropriate primary functionality in every degree perpetuating appropriate, quality pure reproduction designed to insure each mate is given the appropriate attention without interference from previous spouse. The 'Fair Reproduction Act' as has been introduced herein give(s) every mate the right to reproduce with a single mate in the opposite gender that has never mated with another. Where family offspring apply, offspring have the right to cleave to their parent(s) for reproductive instruction otherwise, any reproductive cycle(s)s shall occur as set forth in predetermined agreement(s) acceptable to both mate(s). Any mating with male(s) and/or Female(s) whom have already mated may, in some instances, become subject to approval by existing mates previously engaged in relationships managed otherwise rightfully 'FREE' to mate as necessary and/or requested. Females have the right to mate perpetually while men also have the right to mate as 'NEEDED' and/or necessary (set forth by each male).
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