LCC Facility & Promo Form
Before filling out your form, take some time to read over the instructions above. To save your answers (for up to 3 days) and come back to finish your form later: 1) click SAVE & RESUME, 2) copy & save the link provided, 3) copy and paste saved link into your address bar.
  • Please note: due to differences in sizes and files, we may not be able to use your exact image.
  • Examples: Ladies' Luncheon, Men's Softball Brunch
  • All further inquires/conversation regarding this Facility Request Form will go through this person.
  • All further inquires/conversation regarding this Facility Request Form will go through this person.
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  • Other examples: First and third Tuesdays, every 5th Friday, etc.
  • We understand that you may not have a definite number - just give us your best guess.
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    Please tell us what time you think you would like to have access to your room. Example: Your event starts at 1:00pm. You need an hour to decorate. Put in 12:00pm.
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    Please give us the date of your event. For time, please tell us when your event will start.
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    Your End Date is the date of your final meeting.

    Your End Time is the time when each meeting will conclude.
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    Please tell us when you think you will be done and out of your room. Example: Your event is over at 3:00pm. You need 30 minutes to clean up and re-set the room. Put in 3:30pm.
  • Room size should be taken into consideration when deciding your max number of participants.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are requesting childcare, online registration is required.
  • Please note: All requests for childcare are reviewed by our childcare coordinator, Mary Latham. If authorized, childcare will cover 0-5/K.
    Studies and groups meeting during regular weekend worship services DO NOT need childcare as children may go to KM2 (Kids' Ministries) classes.
  • Include ages, gender, etc. Examples: Men only! For ages 16 and over.
  • Final methods of publicity are determined by our communications team based on several factors including season of the year and scope of your class/event/group.
  • Please tell us the total fee per person. If you are unsure of the exact amount, put a "?" after the amount.
  • Please tell us the total fee per person. If you are unsure of the exact amount, put a "?" after the amount.
  • Be as specific as possible, including the exact title and author(s). Specify edition if necessary.
    Arrangements for ordering materials need to be made no later than 3 weeks before the start of your group.

    Due to multiple ministries sharing rooms, our rooms are set up in a standard configuration that works for most.

    Feel free to rearrange tables and chairs within the room to meet the needs of your particular class/group/event.

    Please return the room to it's original configuration when your class/group/event is concluded.

    If you have questions about room set-up, leave questions or comments in the "additional info" box at the end of this form.
  • The kitchen contact person is your volunteer who has been trained or who is willing to be trained in the responsibilities and operations of our kitchens.
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    Please list the primary phone number for this person.
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    Please allow for prep time before your event.
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    Please allow for clean up time.
  • Rules for Use of LCC Kitchen:

    1. Read and abide by all Kitchen Clean Up Guidelines, cleaning immediately following your event.
    2. COMMON GROUNDS, the coffee bar, and espresso machine are a separate entity. Their supplies and inventory are not to be used as part of general kitchen use.
    3. In an effort to maintain the Kitchen Ministry and to keep the kitchen orderly and available, please follow this general rule:
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  • A trained volunteer is required to work with any of the audio visual equipment listed above. Each ministry is asked to arrange for a volunteer to run the sound equipment for their own event. Volunteer training consists of three sessions, which need to be completed at least a week prior to your event.
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  • Thank you for completing our Facility Request Form. We attempt to respond to each submission within one week. All communication will be with the person listed as the CONTACT PERSON on this form.

  • Failed Submission:

    If after clicking "Submit", you DO NOT get a "Thank you for submitting your form." message, please SCROLL UP and fill in/answer any blank required fields. Type in N/A if questions do not apply.
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